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Worried about travelling after camp?

We all work at summer camp to make the summer the best experience for the kids as possible but one of the added benefits of this is the ability to spend 30 days after camp to travel around the USA.

Travel from major cities to other major cities is usually really affordable. You can travel by plane, train, buses and American friends with a car. A lot of people will say the bus is the worst way to travel (which, if you like your own space, it probably is) but it’s not all bad. It is usually the cheapest way to travel and yes it takes a bit more time to get around, but it gives you more money to spend in the cities or on accommodation.

I would really encourage you to see as much as you can once you are done with camp. You have travelled all that way you may as well see all you can!

In my first year at camp I was worried that no one else would want to travel so I made some holiday plans with friends outside of camp to hang out with in Washington DC and Chicago. I should not have been soon worried; almost all internationals were looking to travel after camp and most of the time you will have a place to stay in the major cities. You will make friends for life working at camp, and they will be happy to have you stay in their homes and play host!

If you go back to camp year after year you might also consider using the 30 days grace you get before your contract starts to meet up with old friends from camp, it can be a really fun way to start your summer.

Don’t be afraid to not have plans after camp. If you want to travel think about booking your return flights for however many days after camp ends that you think you’d like to be in the States, and all you have to do is make sure you are back in the city you book your return flights from.

Keep your options open and go with the flow; this will give you the best experience. It will make your time in the USA more adventurous!

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