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Which Life Skills Will You Develop in a Summer Camp Job?

Securing a role as a camp counsellor in a summer camp is great not only for your CV or resume but also for your professional development. You’ll get the chance to enrich the lives of young people in America while learning valuable life skills. On the Wild Packs blog, we look at some of the different skills you’ll develop.

Change Lives and Gain Job Skills at Summer Camps in America

Becoming an American camp counsellor is an incredible experience. At Wild Packs, our team consists of former camp counsellors so we know what to expect. We will coach you every step of the way, help you with your application, and tell you more about what it is like to be a camp counsellor.

Working with a diverse group of children, you’ll see them learn new things and explore life at camp, but you’ll also pick up some skills yourself. These skills may vary depending on the type of camp you are at, as well as the role you play at camp.

The Summer Camp Skills You’ll Develop Along the Way

One of the best things about summer camp jobs is that you will gain a wealth of skills. These skills will cover key business skills, organisation, interpersonal, and more.

The art of communication

Working at an American summer camp means that you’ll build on your communication skills, not only through conversations with campers but also by fostering friendships with fellow counsellors.

Being a camp counsellor means collaborating effectively with others. As a team, you’ll work together to bring out the best in your campers, as well as create an open environment for campers to talk to one another. This is something that you’ll experience in many different roles at camp, but it is especially important for general camp counsellors.

Problem-solving prowess

Sometimes we encounter unexpected situations. As a camp counsellor, you will be responsible for handling those situations, de-escalating conflict, and using critical thinking to find the right solution to any problem.

Part of the camp culture is nurturing a positive environment. Working alongside children and teenagers means that there will inevitably be times when they do not get along, and as their counsellor, you will mediate and help resolve potential issues, as well as help them to grow.

Time management mastery

A key skill you’ll need throughout your life is time management. This essential skill will help you prioritise tasks and manage your time effectively, ensuring you complete the things that need completing.

Organising your task list will help you balance your camp duties and responsibilities. You can guide the campers through their activities and plan the day accordingly, making sure they complete the tasks that they want to and still have some leisure time available.

Leadership lessons

As a camp counsellor, you are responsible for the campers under your supervision. You will lead them through each day, mentor them, and provide guidance to them. It is an important responsibility, as you will be their key point of contact throughout the summer.

One of the benefits of guiding a group of campers is that you will lead by example. Your leadership skills will show them excellent skills and the right way to approach challenges, helping them to work on their own skills and become effective mentors.

Cultural exchange

Travelling around the world gives you the opportunity to experience life in a different way. On your global adventure, you’ll connect with campers from around the world, learning about their lived experiences and how life in America is different from UK life.

Depending on the type of camp you work at, you may experience different cultures, religions, and more. You can really broaden your horizons and develop your understanding to help you in the future. Learn more about the travel opportunities available and the different cultures you can experience for yourself.

Highlighting Your Summer Camp Skills On Your Resume

The diverse experiences at summer camp will really heighten your skills and benefit you in the long run. Plus these skills will look impressive on your CV or resume! Many of the skills you’ll pick up at summer camp are transferable, so no matter the career path you choose, your newly honed skills will help.

The process for applying to become a summer camp counsellor in America is easy, and Wild Packs will guide you through the application process. Our team has all had multiple successful placements at summer camps, and so can answer any questions you have. Start your application now and see how you can enhance your skills and earn money at the same time!