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What Are The Benefits Of Being A Summer Camp Counsellor?

Each year around 10,000 young Brits travel across the pond to become counsellors at summer camps all across the US. We know that travelling to states around the US to be in charge of large groups of kids may seem very daunting. However, the consistently high figures of young Brits taking the plunge prove just how rewarding the risk can be. 

You may be wondering why so many people do it. What do they get out of it? What are the benefits? Well, there are a huge amount of benefits that come with becoming a summer camp counsellor. These are not just physical benefits, but also memories and experiences that will last you a lifetime. 

In this article, we will look at all of the amazing benefits that an individual gets out of becoming a camp counsellor. We will then use this list of benefits to determine whether or not it is the right path for you to take.

What Does A Summer Camp Counselor Do?

A camp counsellor plays a vital role in the running of any summer camp. Their role is to supervise campers while also ensuring their safety, development, skill achievement, and general well-being. Camp counsellors must also maintain a schedule for camp participants, facilitate lessons, and create plans for daily activities.

In addition to this, counsellors are also responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of the site by assisting in maintaining and cleaning the campgrounds. They must also enforce any safety guidelines that the camps have to ensure the safety of all camp attendees. 

While the job role does have many responsibilities, ensuring that the kids have the best summer and make countless memories is the real purpose of your role. Counsellors are who the kids look up to, so how you behave and how hard you work will only help to mould them into amazing leaders and individuals. 

Benefits Of Becoming A Camp Counselor

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There are so many amazing reasons why so many people become camp counsellors each summer. They are the same reasons why there will always be a demand to become a camp counsellor. They truly are experiences and moments that cannot be replicated. The benefits of becoming a camp counsellor are, but are not limited to:

You Will Become A Role Model

There is something extremely special about becoming a role model for hundreds of amazing kids. As a camp counsellor, you are the camp leader and are also who the campers look up to. You will find that many of the campers idolise you and that you become like an older brother/sister to them. 

Your role as a counsellor will positively impact their lives. You are creating memories that they will keep for a lifetime. Your teachings, advice, wisdom, and stories will stay with them and help to shape these amazing children as they grow. 

This truly is one of the most amazing and rewarding things that comes out of being a summer camp counsellor. The relationships that you develop with these kids will stay with them forever and they will continue to tell their camp stories and memories for years to come.

Amazing Leadership Skills

As a camp counsellor, you will become one of the leaders of the camp. This will therefore help you to develop and advance your leadership skills as you take on more and more responsibilities around the camp. 

As a counsellor, you are in charge of all the children, the activities, planning the days, executing the activities and so much more. Learning to manage all of these things through your training and then putting it all into practice will help you to develop yourself into a fantastic leader. 

A vast majority of counsellors after their summer season is finished are amazed by how much more confident they feel about being a leader. These are invaluable lessons that will help you throughout life as you take on different roles and responsibilities.

You Will Learn Amazing Life lessons

While during the duration of your time as a counsellor, you will learn so many amazing skills that you can use going forward in your life, you will also learn some invaluable life lessons. You will meet both counsellors and kids from all different backgrounds and be able to listen and learn from their life stories and backgrounds.

During your camp career, you will also get to find out so much about yourself and who you are as a person. You will learn about how you interact with others, how you can care for others, how you can teach others, how you can learn from others and so much more.

Spending up to 2 months in a whole new environment will allow you to truly discover things about yourself that you never knew. These are all things that will shape exactly who you are as you move forward in your life and will change your life completely.

Learn About Camp Traditions

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One of the amazing things that you can do when becoming a camp counsellor is to learn and immerse yourself in the camp traditions. As a Brit, we are very unaware of the amazing camp cultures and traditions. However, some of these will become some of the most amazing experiences that you will remember forever.

Whether it be camping out with smores by the fire, choosing a theme for your bunk, or chanting in the dining hall, some traditions have been passed down through camps for centuries. Being able to fully immerse yourself in this culture and traditions will make your experience truly memorable.

These are the things that make this experience so unique. Where else will you be able to experience these phenomenal moments and traditions surrounded by amazing friends that you have made throughout the summer?

Will Look Great On Your CV

One benefit that is not just about your experience is that it is an amazing thing to be able to add to your CV. Throughout the summer, you will adopt leadership skills, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, time management skills, communication skills and so much more. The list of skills in which you learn and adapt is vast.

All of these skills are incredibly attractive to an employer and will show them just how good of a candidate you are. Your summer camp job will provide you with in-depth training and hands-on experience that will set you apart from the rest.

We understand that most people are not joining these camps just to add it to their CVs. They are mostly there for a unique and exciting experience. However, its appeal to employers is just one of the amazing benefits that you get from becoming a summer camp counsellor.

You Will Make Lifelong Friends

During your summer camp, you will form bonds and relationships that will last you a lifetime. Whilst spending every day with your fellow camp counsellors you will learn so much about them and their lives and will develop friendships like no other. 

Your friendships will be solidified and strengthened by sharing some incredible experiences and moments. While leaving may feel bittersweet, these are friendships that will not leave with the camp. These connections will continue to positively impact your lives for years to come.

Experience New Places

There are more than 12,000 summer camps across America spread across a vast majority of the 52 states. Each state has its landscape and beauty. These camps offer counsellors and campers the unique opportunity to see some of the country’s most beautiful locations. 

The locations of these camps are in places that most Brits would not traditionally travel to normally. You will therefore see some breathtaking and unforgettable scenery that you would not otherwise see. 

In addition to this, after camp is over you can stay on and travel the country for another 30 days. America has so many beautiful locations for you to explore and experience, that is why so many counsellors stay on and further explore the country.

Get Paid While Having Fun

One of the most amazing things about becoming a camp counsellor is that you get all of these amazing benefits and have the time of your life while being paid for it. Camp counselling is not just an experience, it is also a job. 

Throughout your camp counselling experience, you can expect to earn a minimum of $2000. In addition to this, all of your food, accommodation, and training are included so that your stay is both comfortable and stress-free. 

It Is Easy To Apply

Applying for counsellor roles is easy. Here at Wild Packs our amazing team will help you through every stage of the application process.