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Want To Work In America? Why American Summer Camps Are Perfect For You

The prospect of leaving the UK and working abroad excites many people. This is because it is no secret that many destinations can offer a much-improved way of life to the UK. There are a huge amount of amazing opportunities all across the world that offer Brits a change of scenery and a chance at a completely new lifestyle.

One of the locations with the most openings, of course, is America. Also known as the land of opportunities, there are thousands of amazing paid roles within the United States waiting for individuals like you.

Summer camps are among the most rewarding and exciting opportunities that welcome thousands of Brits each year. This is because they allow you to work in stunning locations across America, making amazing friendships, and unforgettable memories, as well as allowing you to help teach and mentor the next generation.

In this article, we will take a look at why so many people decide to work abroad, the pros & cons of working abroad and why American summer camps are the perfect places for your careers abroad.

Why People Decide To Work In America?

Statistics show that an astonishing 52% of Brits have considered leaving the UK to seek better work opportunities abroad. A further 8% of those stated that America was their preferred destination to work. (source)

These shocking statistics show that a majority of the UK feel like their working life abroad, especially in America, could be much improved. The reasoning behind these feelings is vast, with salaries, taxes, weather, prices, costs of living and culture being just a few of them.

After all, America is full of amazing opportunities for individuals of all ages and all backgrounds. So salaries are high, opportunities are easy to come by and house prices (depending on the state) are very reasonably priced hence why over 400,000 Brits emigrate to the United States every single year.

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Pros & Cons Of Working In America

When thinking about whether or not you want to make the leap to working in the US, there are a number of things that need to be considered. It is not a decision that can be made overnight. Here are some of the pros and cons of moving abroad for work;

Pros Of Working In America

Cons Of Working In America

Why You Should Choose A Summer Camp For Your Work In America?

One of the most popular overseas working opportunities in America is working at a summer camp. This is because working at summer camps in stunning locations across the US is completely different to a normal job. These are opportunities that allow you to experience the true American culture while also meeting new people from all over the world and teaching and mentoring excited campers.

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Benefits Of Working At An American Summer Camp

If you want to find out more benefits of working at an American summer camp in 2025 then check out our post on the benefits of being a summer camp counsellor

Apply Now To Work At An American Summer Camp In 2025

Does working a summer at a stunning summer camp in the United States sound like something you could be interested in? 

Apply today or get in touch with our incredible team of individuals to learn more about what working at a US summer camp is like. You can also check out our summer camp jobs page to explore all of the different roles that are available.