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Travel Opportunities

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If you think you can’t afford a three-month trip to America, think again! Working at camp will allow you to soak up all of the culture America has to offer, with money to spare. You can visit nearby towns, cities and National Parks on your days off. Then, after working at camp with like-minded people your age, you will be able to head off with your pay packet and spend up to 30 days travelling across the rest of America!
How about checking out New York City and the Statue of Liberty? Maybe Orlando is more for you, with their iconic Walt Disney World Resort? How about visiting the White House in Washington, or Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles? Most people only see these places on their television or phone screens, but you can see them for real.
Don’t forget about camp, too! You can find a world of excitement and the place you’re being paid to stay at. These include:
A job at camp really is an adventure and one where you meet so many new people. We have lots of stories of people making friends for life and even one or two marriages! Just think how envious your friends will be when they see the pictures on social media of you enjoying life in the American sunshine.
Don’t just take our word for it, though! Check out the testimonials throughout our website from people who have been before.
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Start your summer camp adventure

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Visit our partners, Ticket4TwoPlease, for some tips, advice and real-world experience about traveling after camp!