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Making the journey to and from the summer camps can be tricky, whether you live in the States or internationally – good thing we’re here to help! Especially when it comes to post-camp travel, which is something that a lot of people do. We always recommend this as a great way to soak up all of America while you’re here! It might not be as expensive as you think, either.

How long can I stay in America?

Under the J1 visa, you are legally allowed to enter the United States up to 30 days before your contract start date. Once camp is over, you can then stay for an extra 30 days. This means you have plenty of time to travel, but let us know if you are coming earlier so we can help you with the embassy.

You will also be fully covered with our medical insurance for up to four months. If you are planning on being in the US for longer than four months, let us know and we can help to set you up with additional coverage for a small fee.

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From East to West, here’s what’s best!

America is made up of 50 states, all different shapes and sizes and the Wild Packs crew have worked in a fair few of them! Give us a call if you want to know our favourite places and we’ll tell you our stories.

From standing on top of the Empire State Building to walking on the stars of Hollywood Boulevard; taking in the views of the Grand Canyon in a helicopter to watching a real-life cowboy at a Texas rodeo – there is something for everyone in the good ol’ USA!

There’ll be plenty of people who know America inside and out, so don’t stop making friends and you’ll soon be finding all sorts of famous landmarks and hidden surprises! You may even be able to save some money by staying with your camp buddies. 

It’s important to stay safe whilst you’re travelling, though. Make sure your passport, money and valuables are safe and secure. If possible, always travel with friends, too. Lots of other counsellors at your camp will also want to do some travelling after you’re finished, so buddy up with them and make a shortlist of the places you want to see.

Your Flights to the Camp in the USA

So you can have total flexibility with your dates and airport locations (as well as prices), all applicants book and pay for their own flights. 

We would always suggest you wait until you have had your visa approved at the US embassy to book them. It’s always best to discuss your journey with your camp too, so you can make sure you have all the information you need for everything to run smoothly. There’s nothing cooler than being picked up by a member of staff when you arrive and taken straight to where you’re going!

Do you still have some questions or concerns? We’re here for you every step of the way, so contact Wild Packs and we’ll be happy to help you look over your flights.

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Start your summer camp adventure

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised! It’s suddenly so easy to see yourself in America this summer.