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Flights & Logistics

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All of the Wild Packs team have done some travelling in the States after camp. It is by no means mandatory, you are more than welcome to leave the US once your camp contract has finished, but we would 100% recommend using your post camp time to its full advantage. See some famous sights and soak up the American culture for a little longer! Domestic flights are pretty reasonable and the Greyhound and Mega Bus service will take you from coast to coast, if you can sit still for that long!

How long can I stay in America for?

Under the J1 visa you are legally allowed to enter the US up to 30 days before your contract start date. Once camp is over you can legally stay in the US for up to a further 30 days. This is plenty of time to travel! We would ask that if you plan to go to the States before you are due to start work at camp you please let us know, as we will need to make sure you go through the embassy in plenty of time.

You will be fully covered with our medical insurance for up to 4 months, if you are planning on being in the US longer than 4 months let us know and we can set you up with additional coverage, for a small fee.

From East to West, here’s what’s best!

America is made up for 50 different states, all different shapes and sizes. The Wild Packs crew have managed to tick off a fair few of these states. Give us a ring if you want to know our favourite places and we’ll tell you our stories. From standing on top of the Empire State Building to walking on the stars of Hollywood Boulevard, taking in the views of the Grand Canyon via helicopter to watching a real life cowboy at a Texas rodeo, there is something for everyone in the good ol’ USA!

Our advice would be to make friends with your American co-counsellors (as well as all of the internationals, of course!). As well as being generally lovely they are also extremely hospitable. If they offer, go stay with them on your travels and see some famous landmarks with a local. They’ll know what’s really worth seeing, you’ll save some cash not having to pay for accommodation and you’ll get some extra time with camp buddies!

It’s important to stay safe whilst you’re travelling. Make sure your passport, money and valuables are safe and secure and if possible travel with friends. Lots of other counsellors at your camp will want to do some travelling after camp too, so buddy up with them and make a shortlist of the places you want to see!

Your Flights to the Camp in the USA

Wild Packs applicants are required to book and pay for your own flights. This allows you to have more flexibility with regards to dates and airport locations as well as prices!

When booking your flights we would always suggest you wait until you have had your visa approved at the US embassy, before booking them. It’s always best to discuss your flights with your camp too, making sure you have all the information you need in order to book them (airport to fly into, dates and times of their pick-ups, if they pick staff up from the airport).

Feel free to check with the Wild Packs staff too, we’d be happy to look over your flights with you. Our advice is…shop around!


Wild Packs is a great company, I have been going through them for many years for my best summers at camp. All the staff are very helpful and informative. They are always at the end of phone or an e-mail. Wild Packs are amazing,  I always recommended them to anyone who will listen.

Nicola S

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