Food, accommodation and training included
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Low Program Fees & High Salaries
Expect to earn a minimum of $2000. 

Hundreds of possible roles on camp
Choose any that suit you!

About Summer Camp

Every Adventure Requires a First Step…

Want to have fun, travel and get paid for doing an exciting job while also giving your career a boost in 2023?

Summer camps jobs in America can offer all this and more. With Wild Packs looking after you and your application, you can be confident of finding the best summer camp position to suit you, with a minimum of $2000 in salery.

A summer spent on an American summer camp is an opportunity that should be seriously considered by all students. Summer camp in America is a truly fulfilling way to spend three months and with food, accommodation and training included, you have everything taken care of.

Wild Packs specialise in finding summer camp jobs in America for hundreds of successful applicants every year. The year round team at Wild Packs HQ have worked on summer camp for years and many of U.S. return each summer to embrace the mayhem of camp! We understand the power and magic of summer camp, please give us the opportunity to share it with you.


Wild Packs is a great company, I have been going through them for many years for my best summers at camp. All the staff are very helpful and informative. They are always at the end of phone or an e-mail. Wild Packs are amazing,  I always recommended them to anyone who will listen.

Nicola S

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The Summer of a Lifetime

Camp allows staff from all over the world to experience a traditional American summer at amazing, premier camp locations all over the USA, whilst helping children aged 7-15 have a fantastic summer break too.

Summer camps in America are an institution and millions of kids are sent by their parents to camps across the country to enjoy everything from horse riding and music to mountain biking and climbing.

Wild Packers who have worked at camp in previous years say they’ve had the time of their lives and it’s so much more exciting than other summer jobs back home. Camp allows you to completely immerse yourself in the American culture, make friends for life and earn some money!

Read on to find out how you could go to camp with Wild Packs!

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Application & Interview Cost You Nothing


Have a Solo Adventure

It’s easy and safe to go yourself because we make sure you’re looked after every step of the way.

From guiding you through the application process and getting the right visa through to finding the camp that will look after you when you’re over there, you can rely on us.

Travelling to America might seem a little daunting but the vast majority of staff are embarking on a solo adventure. Our camps put you in contact with other people heading out so you can meet up and travel to the USA together.

And when you get to camp you won’t be a stranger for long, as camp is an incredibly warm and welcoming place. Before you know it, you will have made lots of new friends with people your age but from all different backgrounds and countries. These friendships can last a lifetime.

Low Program Fees & High Salaries


Share the Experience

If you think you’d like to share the experience of camp with your friends then get in touch with our team! We’ll be happy to look into placing groups of up to four at the same camp, depending on the skills and experience everyone has to offer.

What could be better than spending eight weeks working together, having fun and getting paid in the sun before travelling around America for up to 30 days?

Thanks to our experience and contacts, we’re your best option for finding the right destination where you can have an unforgettable summer working with your mates! Remember, it’s worth recommending your friends to us as we offer big discounts for referrals!


Styles Of Camp

There are many different types of camps, summer camp sessions vary from 1-8 weeks in length and each session will cater for between 100-600 campers!

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