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Travelling the USA before camp? Have a read through this!

To some people travelling before camp can be kind of scary. Where will I go? Who will I go with? I don’t know anyone!!!!

It was scary decision for me however, a bunch of us that were heading to the same camp for the first time decided to fly in to the US two days before we were due to be picked up by camp. We thankfully had this opportunity as we had a camp facebook group and I got to meet (all be it through a screen) my new work colleagues. But yes, camp travel – we spent two days in the BIG APPLE. We got to know each other, see some of the sights, indulge in American candy and had a Mcds in Times Square.

I believe these two days allowed me to relax. I got rid of some of my nerves and also gave me the opportunity start making those all-important camp friendships before day 1 on camp. Knowing a friendly face before our first day on camp when everyone else arrived was really helpful. During staff training it didn’t take long before everyone found their feet and started to settle in but it was super helpful knowing some people. With Wild Packs you book your own flight and the beauty of this is that you have an opportunity to do some pre and post camp travel. If you’re lucky you can book onto the same flight as some of your new pals that are flying to the same camp and you can also shop around for the best deal/ flight option for you.

Pre camp travel is something I would 100% recommend – Check out AirBnB, surf some couches or if you’re feeling a little flash, book a hotel in the city.

Visa information:

With regards to your J1 visa you can enter America 30 days before your camp contract starts and you also have 30 days after your camp contract ends. Make your summer count! YOLO.

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