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Hundreds of possible roles on camp
Choose any that suit you!

Things to do in self isolation

Camp is just around the corner and now, during a time where we can’t go about our usual daily schedule, we’re all counting down the days more than ever!!

Here are our top 5 camp activities to do whilst self isolating

  1. Make a s’more!! Hopefully your local supermarket hasn’t run out of the camp essentials, marshmallows, chocolate and biscuits! You can make these at home in the oven or grill.
  2. Improve your friendship bracelet making skills! Everyone that’s spent a summer at camp knows how important a ‘camp wrist’ is to campers and counsellors a like! Grab some string, get on YouTube and learn how to make that fancy bracelet you’ve always wanted! Bonus points if you make one for a friend and mail it to them.
  3. Learn how to play ‘Jacks’, a rest hour staple at camps across America, you’d be surprised how competitive this seemingly simple game gets! The kids will be super impressed if you already know how to play and have your own set of Jacks when you arrive!
  4. Tie-Dye!! Even if your camp doesn’t have an ‘official’ uniform the unofficial uniform of every camp is tie-dye. Grab yourself a plain shirt, some dye and some string and get practicing! Head to Pinterest for some cool inspiration and tips on how to be a top tie-dyer!
  5. Teach yourself some camp fire songs! One of the highlights of every summer is spending time around the camp fire with your kids and co counsellors. Every camp has its own songs but you can also find lots on YouTube! Why not teach yourself some before the summer so you can join in and maybe even bring a new song to your camp!
  6. BONUS IDEA if you’re returning to your 2nd home for another memorable summer then head to your camps website and YouTube and reminisce about previous summers spent at your favourite place! FaceTime your camp friends so you can watch together and catch up! If you are going to camp for the first time and have been placed go and watch the videos and prepare yourself for the summer of a lifetime!

We hope you guys are staying safe and practicing social distancing, virtual hugs for everyone!

Peace, love, Wild Packs

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