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Summer Camp Rules: Everything You Need To Know

We understand that the rules and regulations are not the most exciting part of working at a summer camp. However, they are essential. So understanding what exactly the rules are and why they are so integral will not only ensure that you are not breaking any rules but also ensure that you can be the best camp worker that you can be.

In this post, we will not only talk about the non-negotiable rules and regulations of working at a summer camp but also the unwritten rules that our team of experienced campers have shared.

Why Are There Rules For Summer Camp Workers?

As with any workplace, when working at a summer camp there are certain rules and regulations put in place that must be followed. This is not to make workers’ lives miserable or to stop you from having a good time. These rules are to ensure that the camp environment is safe, open, and enjoyable for all campers and employees.

Summer camps are designed to ensure that kids have a safe and fun environment to learn new skills and make memories over the summer break. Having strict rules and regulations that workers and campers must follow helps to ensure that these objectives are being met.

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Rules That You Must Follow When Working At A Summer Camp

Here are the rules and regulations that you must follow when an employee is at summer camps across America.

3 Key Unwritten Rules Coming From Experienced Camp Workers

In addition to the strict rules of the camps, there are many unwritten rules that you need to take into account.

Here at Wildpacks, our team is made up of individuals who have first-hand experience working at summer camps in America. They have all combined their experience and knowledge to come up with three unwritten rules you must follow.

Avoid Personal Questions From Campers

Getting to know your campers and building relationships is vital for helping them to have the best time. However, we all know that kids can often ask one too many questions. In the event of this, the best practice is to steer clear of answering.

The main questions to avoid at all costs are anything relating to political views, relationships, and other topics that are best to remain private. It is also important to note that with kids, the more questions you answer, the more they ask.

If you are ever uncomfortable with the questions that the kids ask, switch the conversation topic to a fun activity coming up. While they do try and get answers out of you a simple diversion is normally all that is needed to swiftly move the conversation on.

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DO NOT Use Your Phone While Working

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Another unwritten rule that should always be followed is to never use your phone while working on camp. While this may be a tough one for a lot of people to hear, most camps are located in the middle of stunning wildlife and have little to no cell service anyway.

This is one unwritten rule that will help you live in the moment and fully enjoy everything that you do over the summer. No phone distractions will also force you to have more conversations with your colleagues and form stronger bonds and friendships.

While at first, this may seem very daunting, it will be one of the most freeing and liberating things you do all summer.

Watch Your Language

Another unwritten rule of working at summer camps is that any foul or offensive language is completely off-limits. This includes swearing, profanities or anything that may be deemed offensive.

At the end of the day, you are a role model to these kids so anything they hear you say, they will likely repeat. Things such as swearing and offensive language will be picked up by other staff members and reported. Because of your vital role in camp ensuring that you are the best version of yourself is very important.

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