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How Can Summer Camp Counselling Help Boost Your Career Prospects?

Yes, becoming a camp counsellor across the pond in the United States will undoubtedly be an unforgettable summer. And yes, you will have experiences and make friends that will last a lifetime. But what you may not know is that it can be extremely valuable on your CV and help to boost your career prospects.

This is a benefit that often gets overlooked with summer camp counselling. Mainly because they are such amazing experience that brings so many other benefits (check out our blog on the benefits of becoming a summer camp counsellor). However, as you grow and begin to settle down into a career, you will start to realise just how helpful it was to shape you and the person that you have become.

In this article, we will look at how becoming a summer camp counsellor can help boost your career prospects and also how it can shape the person that you are within a workplace/ working environment.

5 Ways Summer Camp Counselling Can Help Career Prospects

There are so many amazing skills and life lessons that can be learned through becoming a summer camp counsellor. These skills can be used in your everyday life to help grow and develop your character. However, many of them are particularly suited to working life.

Here we will list 5 amazing skills that can be developed through counselling at an American summer camp.

1 - Leadership Experience

An ability to lead and take control in situations is a skill that is very much sought after by recruiters and businesses. Throughout a summer camp, counsellors will lead and take responsibility for a huge group of children. It is completely down to the counsellors to make sure that the kids are learning and having an amazing time.

Because of this, an individual’s ability to lead will come on leaps and bounds in just one summer. Not only will your leadership skills grow, but your comfortability as a leader will also grow. This will then allow you to be at ease with leadership and responsibility.

These skills carry over amazingly into a workplace, and businesses and recruiters know that. Therefore, your CV will become far more attractive because of your leadership skills and experience. In addition to this, these vital skills are also highly useful when it comes to promotions and leadership roles and could set you apart from any other candidates.

2 - Communication Skills

Good communication is arguably one of the most important skills that a candidate can have. It is way too common to see candidates who have amazing CVs and amazing experiences be unsuccessful with interviews because they lack the communication skills that most businesses are seeking.

By becoming a summer camp counsellor in a brand new country, surrounded by brand new people that you have never met, you are throwing yourself in at the deep end. However, it is also a staggeringly effective way of improving communication skills and becoming a much more confident individual.

At camp, you will constantly be communicating with kids, fellow counsellors, and parents. This will no doubt push many people out of their comfort zones, but it will also help to build incredibly strong communication skills. These skills are amazing for workplaces as employers can trust you to confidently speak with colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

3 - Collaboration Skills

In a vast majority of businesses and careers, there will be a multitude of tasks and projects that need to be completed within a team. Many people struggle within a team and can feel like they get lost. Employers are constantly looking for candidates who thrive in collaboration and can also help others to thrive with them.

These are skills that are learnt every single day on camp. Camp life is all about working as a team, whether that’s with your fellow counsellors or with your campers. A huge amount of the activities that take place are to help build strong relationships and teamwork. These experiences will help you to thrive within a collaborative setting and help you stand out to employers.

Teamwork within a business is ultimately what makes the dream work. As cliche as it may sound, it is true. Most successful businesses have not achieved that success through one individual, they have done it through a team. Being able to confidently collaborate and help a team succeed is a skill that will help you to go far in any career path that you choose.

4 - Adaptability Skills

A slightly more niche skill that there has become an increasingly popular demand for is the ability to adapt. Camp can often be a bundle of fun but can also be slightly chaotic in the best possible way.

Each day you will be met with brand new challenges and brand new positions that you will have to quickly learn to adapt to. This fast-paced environment helps to keep camp exciting but also helps you to learn how to adapt to whatever is thrown at you in an efficient and effective manner.

This is a skill that is very important within a working environment. In the day-to-day of any career, you will constantly be thrown different challenges. What makes a successful individual is their ability to cope with these challenges and also their ability to adapt while thriving in the chaos.

5 - Work Ethic

The success that you have in your career will always be determined by the amount of work that you are willing to put in. The stronger your work ethic is, the more chance you have of succeeding in what it is that you are doing.

While camp is extremely fun and memorable, it is also hard work. You will be putting in hard graft and long hours to make sure that campers are having the time of their lives. However, the hard work is rewarded by the amazing experiences and memories that you can create for your campers.

Camp life helps to build a strong work ethic in counsellors and teaches them the importance of giving your all to your work. This is a skill that cannot be beaten in any working environment and one that will take you incredibly far in your career.

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