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Single Sex Camps

What Are The Benefits?

Wild Packs work with a whole host of different camps, but we often get questions from applicants about what life at a single sex camp is like, both for the staff and for the kids.

Of course there are pros and cons for just about every type of camp, and naturally some applicants (and campers) will be better suited to a certain type of camp.

I spent eight summers working at an all-girls camp in Maine and can honestly say I wouldn’t change the experience (or camp) for anything. I firmly believe in the power of camp, and for me part of that was watching campers and staff be empowered to take on the world in an environment that nourishes, celebrates achievements and allows some separation from the everyday societal pressures on females, both as children, teens and adults.

It was empowering seeing staff female staff driving speedboats, teaching football, organising four day hikes. It was equally powering watching them braid campers hair, encourage friendships,  teach ‘life skills’ and ultimately make a difference on the lives of the campers.

Whilst individualism is always celebrated at any camp I loved that campers and staff weren’t concerned about makeup, or how their hair looked, or who is doing what on Instagram. It was so refreshing to watch a group of females challenge themselves, own their accomplishments and be celebrated and uplifted by other females.

The camp I worked at was next door to a boy’s camp. We had socials with them, days off, evenings off etc. We very much operated on a brother/sister basis, and friendships and mutual respect was certainly encouraged. Speaking to my friends at our brother camp they always loved how the boys could focus on their lessons, friendships and overall time at camp without the pressure of consistently acting a certain way around the girls, and the feeling was mutual on our side of camp too.

My advice for someone interviewing with a single sex camp is to go into it with an open mind. Try not to be closed off to stereotypes of cliques. In my opinion a single sex camp is such a rewarding and motivational place to work at, and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.


Wild Packs is a great company, I have been going through them for many years for my best summers at camp. All the staff are very helpful and informative. They are always at the end of phone or an e-mail. Wild Packs are amazing,  I always recommended them to anyone who will listen.

Nicola S

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