Food, accommodation and training included
We make your stay comfy and your trip stress free!

Low Program Fees & High Salaries
Expect to earn a minimum of $2000

Hundreds of possible roles on camp
Choose any that suit you!

Prepare for a career in teaching with a summer camp job

A temporary job working at a summer camp in America can provide excellent experience for people considering a career in teaching. In just a few short weeks, you’ll have the chance to lead activities, support children as they learn and grow, and see the results of your work before your very eyes. The experience can be enlightening for prospective teachers, and provides many great benefits.

One important aspect of working at a summer camp is the fact that you’ll need to help the campers in several ways including getting settled in, making friends and even expressing themselves. During the time at camp you’ll undoubtedly have to deal with conflicts, homesickness and countless other issues and challenges which come up throughout the days. All of these lessons will serve you well in the future if you choose to work in teaching.

A big part of working as a camp counsellor is being able to create activities that the campers will enjoy. You’ll encounter the same challenges in the classroom; the only difference is at camp you’ll be spending most of the time outside. Your time at camp will help you to devise activities, consider health and safety, and give you the skills you need to get people participating. All of these can serve you well in a teaching position.

Working at camp is extremely rewarding but can also be a challenge, as you’ll be at work practically around the clock. At overnight camps in particular you’ll find that unexpected events can happen at any time, and you will develop your flexibility and responsiveness as a result.

Before getting started in teaching, or as a break during your studies, working at camp can really add to your experience. If you would like to try working at one of these summer jobs in America, you can find a flexible recruitment service here at Wild Packs. We recruit staff for camps across the USA every year and provide continuous support every step of the way, from securing a job to getting you ready to go. We provide a wealth of information about what you can expect to encounter at camp and also have videos from past counsellors talking fondly of their experiences. Please visit our website for further information.

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