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Post camp travel on a budget

Post camp travel on a budget is an effective way of getting more bang for your buck and seeing more of the USA.  Heading back to camp for her fourth summer Wild Packs recruitment guru Rachel shares her tips on how to make travel in the US more affordable.

Every summer I go to camp with the same intention – saving my wages to spend them on amazing post-camp travel plans!

And then I go to Wal-Mart and spend too much money on snacks…

If you’re looking travel after camp and want to do it on a budget then these are my tips for you!

Free Attractions

There’s plenty of iconic sights you can see across America for free! Places such as The White House, Times Square, Central Park and Venice Beach are great attractions you can see without having to pay money! My favourite trip was the ferry we took from Lower Manhattan to Staten Island for free which gave us the perfect view of the Statue of Liberty!

Just research those cities you are planning on heading to for some great ideas!

Cheap Attraction Days

Some museums and galleries have cheaper visiting days, where the normal cost of admission is greatly reduced. It is worth looking into what’s reduced when you’re in a certain area to get more bang for your buck. Times Square also sells discounted theatre tickets which is definitely worth a browse if you want to catch a show when in Broadway Theatre District.

Save Money – Eat In!

If you’re staying in a place with kitchen facilities then one of the best ways of saving money is to eat in! Eating out for 1 meal instead of 3 is going to really help save you some money. So split the cost of some groceries with your friends and pack a picnic!

Hostels & Airbnb

Hostels are great alternatives to hotels and definitely cheaper! The staff are great at giving you recommendations for food/touristy things – you name it! If you’re hoping to stay with certain friends then some hostels will let you book a room all together. Airbnb allows you to rent a whole place, room in a house or a sofa to sleep on. If you and your camp friends rent a whole place together it can really cut down on your costs, and also allow you to eat in (see above) making things even cheaper.

Plan Ahead

This doesn’t have to be as far in advanced as planning before you get to camp! But if you start making plans and booking coaches or flights during the summer you can usually find some pretty great deals! Check to see if you can find any promotional codes online too, even 10% off will keep things so much cheaper for you and allow more money for making memories with!

Make Memories

Embrace the time you get to spend travelling and seeing your camp friends and that’ll make your trip so much more worthwhile! In the cold, dark January nights you’ll be able to remember those months you spent in the sunny USA and feel a little bit of warmth.

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