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Post-camp travel hints and tips

Looking for some hints and tips on post-camp travel? You’ve come to the right place- Wild Packs Recruitment Coordinator Ben discusses his experiences below…

 Hello Wild Packers!!

I’m Ben and I have been working at a summer camp in the Catskill Mountains in New York since 2012. Summer 2020 will be my 9th summer working at camp!

 As part of the Recruitment Team here at Wild Packs, I hear from loads of applicants about how they want to travel, broaden their experiences and explore the USA. Camp is great for doing exactly these things. In the 8 summers I have spent at camp I have visited 11 different states and 3 different countries during my post camp travels.

Like I said, I work in New York so it’s almost impossible to not spend time in the Big Apple every year. I have been up the Empire State Building, watched a baseball game, taken trips to Staten Island and hung out in Time Square.


Also, as part of my roles at camp I have taken the kids on trips to Hersey Park and Dorney Park and to see how Amish people live in Intercourse, Pennsylvania (I’m not kidding it’s actually called Intercourse!). The cool thing about camp is that many of you will get the opportunity to go on trips with your campers, it’s another great perk of the job!

 During my travels I have been to see Jerry Springer Live in Connecticut, visited the Zoo in the Windy City (Chicago, Illinois), whale watched in Boston (Massachusetts), partied with college students in Delaware and Maryland, gambled at the MGM in Vegas (Nevada), swam with wild dolphins in San Diego (California), listened to live music in Honky Tonk bars in Nashville (Tennessee) and of course hung out with Mickey and Minnie Mouse down in Florida. These are just some of the highlights too; the list of amazing things I have done goes on.

 Don’t forget, you might not be limited to traveling the USA. Visiting friends has led to me going to Canada twice, where I had amazing experiences going to a friend’s wedding and exploring Nova Scotia. Traveling with 5 friends in 2018 I headed down for an amazing week in Cuba where we rode horses through tobacco plantations, drank $1 mojitos, ate A LOT of cheap, delicious lobster and drove around Havana in a very old car.

 Travelling with friends is important to me and that’s why I’ve has lost track of the amount of times I have been to New Jersey, Long Island and NYC where a lot of my American friends live. You will meet some amazing people at camp and many of you will want to travel with them at the end of the summer before flying home. Many of you may decide to do a pre-booked travel experience and that’s amazing too (we can send you information of the tours Student Universe have if you’d like more information on tours)! That way you will be able to visit way more than 11 states in 8 years, some of you could do that in one summer!

Whatever your plans are for after camp we hope you enjoy yourselves and remember to send us photos!

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