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Aquatic Roles

You could have the summer of your life getting to grips with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of inflatables, ski boats, sailing dinghies, inflatable assault courses and more.

Water sports jobs at camp are a big thing which means if you love the water then you’ve got a fantastic chance of landing your dream summer job.

Think how much fun you could have trying one or all of the following while passing your skills on to the kids at camp:

Aquatic roles include:

What you’ll be doing

Your primary job in a water environment is to keep kids safe and so that has to come first.

After that, your job will be to think of fun games to play with the kids so they and you can enjoy a fantastic summer. You’ll also be socialising with people your age and enjoying days off where you can hang out with your new friends or explore the sights near your camp.

But don’t worry if you think taking one of these roles will prevent you from enjoying general camp life and related activities – there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and socialise with everyone and be involved with all the other fun things going on at camp.

The skill set and experience you need

You will, of course, need to be a confident swimmer and have experience of doing your chosen discipline but you won’t necessarily need to have any certificates as training will be provided at camp.

The best thing to do is get in touch with us and tell us what you fancy doing and we’ll advise what’s possible based on your experience and skill set.

Many of the people who apply for these roles go off to work on their swimming, often to gain a lifeguard qualification before going, so they can be safer in the water or work as a lifeguard at camp.

If you have some friends with the same passions and interests then why not recommend they complete an application with us, for some money off your fees? Or opt to apply with your mates and spend the summer together in the USA.

As you can imagine, these roles are very much in demand so don’t delay in applying today!

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