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So, your child has decided to fly from the family nest and work at an American summer camp. We’re sure there are a lot of mixed emotions; maybe you’re proud of them for making the jump, but nervous about them being away. A little excited about some peace and quiet? We won’t tell anyone!

One thing is for sure. Your child is going to come back more confident, more employable and more independent than ever. In the meantime, you probably have a lot of questions. What we want to do is give you peace of mind that, although your child may be halfway across the world, they’re in safe hands.

We honestly believe hands don’t get much safer than ours, too. We work with over 300 summer camps in America and have done so for over 15 years. We’ve been approved by the likes of IENA (International Exchange of North America), CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) and the American Camp Association. We’ve overseen thousands of successful summer camp stays for children, and most of our team have been on at least one themselves.

All that means that you can come to us with any questions you have. That might be a lot, but we welcome them all. However, we would appreciate it if any questions regarding the application, camp placement, the visa and the embassy come directly from the applicant. You can of course be looped into these conversations, but it means that the applicant knows exactly what’s happening and they’re not left stranded as they’re entirely reliant on you. It also shows motivation on their end, too!

About Wild Packs

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Established in 2008 Wild Packs’ aim is to redefine current industry standards and change the face of today’s camp counsellor. All of the Wild Packs team go back to camp each summer (don’t worry there is a 24/7 manned emergency phone line so applicants can always reach us over the summer) and this allows us to keep our knowledge and enthusiasm about camp fresh and up to date!x

We offer a cultural exchange program to around 1500 international camp counsellors every summer- we accept applications from all over the world! Our head quarters just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland is staffed with passionate, informed and motivated staff who all understand the benefits of working in a summer camp setting.
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We have a close partnership with hundreds of camps in the States, all of which are different shapes and sizes. From traditional co-ed camps to disadvantaged, adventure to performing arts, there is a camp out there for everyone! Check out our ‘Styles of Camp’ page for more information.

Wild Packs provide applicants with all the necessary visa paperwork to allow them to work in the US and complete medical insurance for the duration of their stay in the US.

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Start your summer camp adventure

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Our Process

Once an application is fully submitted online, a member of our team will reach out to discuss it further. In this chat, we’ll discuss things like motivations for joining the camp, and their experience with kids. It’s also a great chance to ask any questions about the camp, Wild Packs or legal matters like the J1 visa.

Our best piece of advice is to remind your son or daughter to spend some quality time on their application. This should be the best representation of their skills, their passions and their experience. Remember, they’ll be up against potentially hundreds of other people for the same role, so something like a spelling mistake can really stick out for the wrong reasons!

At Wild Packs, our role is to take their application and find the position and summer camp that’s right for them. So, instead of helping your child send off hundreds of individual submissions, one application through us can get you seen by around 300 summer camps that we work with!

Importantly, we do not have any registration fees. Fees are only set once an applicant has been screened, assessed on their suitability for the program and then accepted – if they are a good fit for camp. Please keep in mind that being accepted into the program does not guarantee a job at camp and we’re happy to clarify this further if you contact us.

You can find more information regarding costs on our website, which differs depending on if it’s their first time going to camp or if your child is  returning to camp. Once an applicant is accepted into a program, there are a few other documents they need to submit. These documents are required in order to obtain a J1 visa and many of them are also required by camp (e.g. references and police checks).

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry, as applicants can view what documents they need by logging into their Wild Packs account.

Visa Interview at the American Embassy

All first-time camp staff are required to attend the American embassy for an in-person interview. Applicants are given information regarding the embassy upon being placed at camp, so you and your child will be kept completely in the loop throughout this all. Applicants attending an embassy will be told how to book their own appointment and this step is vital to the process, as embassy interviews are mandatory.


To give you the most flexibility over your dates, prices and airport locations, Wild Packers book their own flights. This means you can pick the one that works best for you and your family. Do you still have a few questions? Visit our Flights and Logistics page for more information!

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Application and Interview Cost You Nothing

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