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One of our favourite evening activities at summer camp is…

What’s an evening program I hear you ask!? An evening program will typically run from around 7pm to 9pm most evenings on camp. This can be anything from a pool party, a games night, international night or a talent show. It’s a time to enjoy the company of other children (not just the kids in your bunk) and also interact with other staff members.

An events team or staff members might get assigned an evening program to plan, so get your thinking caps on! Evening programs are probably my favourite part of the day but my most favourite evening program is that of the CAMP TALENT SHOW.

If you have never experienced a camp talent show then picture this… Kids, staff, glitter, that frozen song and kids that can burp the alphabet. Be prepared for your mind to be blown with the amount of talent the campers can bring! Kids that you thought would never in a million years get on stage and show you and their peers their skills, will rock out on stage – that right there is really special.

Singing, to playing their instruments, to the dance class showing their routine they made up during the week are just a few things you will see. I JUST LOVE IT. Regardless of how terrible that kid sounded or how silly you thought the performance was, you clap, you cheer and holler and you make that kid feel like they are a million dollars.

That’s what it’s all about! BUT, also please note there is probably a staff talent show at some point during staff orientation that you can

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