Food, accommodation and training included
We make your stay comfy and your trip stress free!

Low Program Fees & High Salaries
Expect to earn a minimum of $2000. 

Hundreds of possible roles on camp
Choose any that suit you!


How to have a strong arts crafts application

If you’re creative and love making something out of nothing then focusing your application on Arts and Crafts can be a great way to spend the summer at camp. Arts and Crafts is quite a common skill set that we see on applications and there are definitely a few simple

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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Alicia from Fernwood Cove/.

Alicia, Camp director of Fernwood Cove in Maine tells us a little more about the all girls traditional camp that she runs and what makes Fernwood Cove special! Tell us a little bit about your camp? Fernwood Cove is Maine’s first half-season all girls traditional camp.  With a focus of

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Flying to camp. What are your options?

We’ve had lots of questions re. flights to the USA for camp so figured we’d ping you all out an email so you can start thinking about your flight options. As you know we work with Student Universe to help you guys get your flights booked. You can use whichever

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Camp in Maine? Here’s our top tips

Wild Packs are lucky to work with hundreds of camps based all over the USA- giving applicants a real taste of American culture! Most of the camps we work with are decades old, some have been running for over 100 years- their longevity shows the success of camp. Many of

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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Carl

Tell us a little bit about your camp? Camp Echo is located in Bloomingburg, New York and we’re about 90 minutes Northeast of New York City. Camp Echo was established in 1924 and this will be our 96th summer.  We’re a traditional camp, that means that we don’t specialise in

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New York- The City That Never Sleeps!

Camp is over. You’ve cried so many tears you’re not sure you have any water left in your body. You’ve driven down the road from camp thinking about all the amazing experiences you had at camp…but now you’re on to the next adventure. Post camp travel! With 30 days post

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Post camp travel on a budget

Post camp travel on a budget is an effective way of getting more bang for your buck and seeing more of the USA.  Heading back to camp for her fourth summer Wild Packs recruitment guru Rachel shares her tips on how to make travel in the US more affordable. Every

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Summer camp and cultural exchange

Recruitment coordinator Paddy explores the cultural exchange element of working at a summer camp in the USA and why immersing yourself in the American culture is such a key part of your summer camp adventure! My camp has a tradition where in our dining hall we hangs the flags from

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Worried about travelling after camp?

We all work at summer camp to make the summer the best experience for the kids as possible but one of the added benefits of this is the ability to spend 30 days after camp to travel around the USA. Travel from major cities to other major cities is usually

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