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J1 Visas: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you are travelling to America for work or pleasure, you will most likely require some kind of visa. There are so many different types of visas available for travelling to America all with their requirements and restrictions. However, one of the most popular forms of visas is a J-1 Visa. 

In 2022 alone, The State Department issued over 284,000 J-1 visas. J-1 visas are often thought to be non-immigrant work visas that are very fast and easy to obtain when compared to others. In fact, in 2022 J-1 visas had an approval rate of 88.8%. 

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these visas. We will detail what exactly they are, how long they allow you to stay, their requirements, their costs and so much more that you should know before you apply.

What Is A J-1 Visa?

A J-1 Visa, also known as the exchange visa, is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States government for anyone outside of the US who intends to partake in an approved programme with the intention of teaching, instructing, studying, observing, researching, consulting, receiving training or graduate medical education. 

These programmes are designed to promote cultural exchanges between the United States public and other countries. The J-1 visa has multiple different categories such as the J-1 Student Visa, J-1 Research Scholar Visa, and the J-1 Au Pair Visa. Each of these different categories caters to different types of participants.

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What Documents Are Needed For Your J-1 Visa?

There are several different documents that you will need to provide over the course of your J-1 visa application. These documents are required and must be original or certified copies, and one photocopy (except for your passport and photographs).

You can also find out more about what documents you could be required to give for your application on the official US Embassy website

How Long Does A J-1 Visa Allow Camp Counsellors To Stay In America?

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The answer to this is not as simple as it is for other American visas. The amount of time that you can stay in America depends on the type of exchange visitor that you are. 

For individuals in training, it is 18 months, for interns and exchange visitors in the hospitality field it is 12 months, and for professors and research scholars, the J-1 visas max out at 5 years. 

For camp counsellors, your J-1 visa allows you to work within America for up to 4 months. Your visa period is always determined by your vamp contract dates, In addition to this, with a camp counsellor J-1 visa you will always receive a 30-day grace period after your camp contract finishes. These 30 days are allocated for travel within the US. 

You must be fully aware of the amount of time that your visa allows you to stay in the US. This is because when you overstay your US visa, it will automatically be revoked. It does not matter how long your visa is valid, if you overstay by even one day, it will be immediately void by the immigration office.

What Are The Requirements For A J-1 Camp Counsellor Visa?

There are several different criteria that you must meet to successfully apply for a J-1 visa to become a camp counsellor. The requirements for you to apply for a J-1 visa to become a camp counsellor in America are:

How Long Does It Take For A J-1 Visa To Be Approved

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It is hugely important to know how long it can take for a J-1 visa to be approved. This is because you must make sure to apply well in advance of your trip to ensure that your visa has been approved for your departure date. If your visa has not yet been approved and you try to enter the country, you will not be able to and will be deported back home. 

It will typically take around 6-10 weeks for your J-1 visa to be processed and approved. However, it can take as long as 6 months depending on how well your country communicates with the American consulate. 

You should always consider these wait times when thinking about when you are applying for your camp counsellor K-1 visa. We would always recommend that you do not book any flights before attending your embassy interview for your K-1 Visa. While we understand you will be excited, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

How Much Does A J-1 Visa Cost?

The typical cost of a J-1 visa is around $380. This cost includes the initial $160 Visa application processing fee as well as the $220 I-901 SEVIS fee

The only J-1 visa applicants who do not need to pay the initial $160 application processing fee are applicants who are participating in the United States U.S. government-sponsored educational and cultural exchanges. These are the other requirements that your exchange program must meet to be exempt from this fee:

How To Apply For A J-1 Visa With Wildpacks

Here at Wildpacks, we make applying for your camp counsellor position and K-1 visa simple. All you need to do is: