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How to have a strong arts crafts application

If you’re creative and love making something out of nothing then focusing your application on Arts and Crafts can be a great way to spend the summer at camp. Arts and Crafts is quite a common skill set that we see on applications and there are definitely a few simple ways to make your application the one that stands out and is noticed by a camp director.

  1. Focus on ‘crafts’
    When we talk about ‘arts and crafts’ at camp we’re really focusing on the crafts. There will be lots of opportunities to use your artistic painting and drawing skills throughout camp but to make your application relevant talking about crafting skills is much better for camp directors! The kids love to have something to take home, a memory from that summer and crafts are a great way for them to do this.
  2. Pick specific skills
    Rather than having a general ‘arts and crafts’ talent box take a look at the list of craft skills on our website. If you have experience in any of these and think you could spend a summer teaching campers this then get specific. Camp directors would prefer to hear all about one skill you can do really well than a few sentences about general art skills. If your chosen craft isn’t listed but you’re super passionate and think it could work in a camp setting then go ahead and add it in anyway. Lots of camps will look for ways to change up their programme every year and maybe your craft skills could be a way to do this!
  3. Plan your projects
    Once you’ve chosen what craft(s) you’re going to focus on and have explained your own experience with these activities it’s great to plan a project for the campers. If you already have experience doing crafts with children think about what you’ve done in the past. If you are struggling for inspiration have a look on Pinterest and try and put your own spin on an idea from there! Showing you can plan projects for certain age groups within set time frames shows camps you are a forward thinker and will be able to hit the ground running when you get to camp!
  4. Photos and/or Portfolios
    Any creative job you apply for will usually request a portfolio, camp is no different! Directors would love to see examples of things you have already made. If you haven’t got any photos already maybe spend an afternoon making a few small projects that are relevant to your application,  take some photos and upload them to a photo sharing site like Flickr. You can then add this link to your application and it’s a good way for camps to see what you can do! If you’ve already been accepted onto the programme you will have seen you can add additional photos onto your application, this is another good place to add examples of your work.
  5. Get relevant experience
    The best way to have a camp jump at the chance to interview you is to get experience in your area of interest. This applies to all of the different areas of camp but arts and crafts can be a really easy thing to do. You can see if any local schools have art clubs that need a helping hand. Perhaps you could go into local Brownie or Guide groups and teach them how to make your chosen craft. Even sitting down and doing crafts with your younger family members will be helpful, take photos of what you do with them step by step and add it to your portfolio! Experience is key to any camp application, not only will camps love it but you will be more prepared for your new role as an arts and crafts summer camp counselor!

If you can do all of these things then you will end up having one of the best arts and crafts applications out there and I’m sure you’ll be snapped up by one of our camps really quickly! But even just taking on board one or two of these suggestions will strengthen it and improve your chances of getting that messy, creative summer job you’re after!

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