Food, accommodation and training included
We make your stay comfy and your trip stress free!

Low Program Fees & High Salaries
Expect to earn a minimum of $2000

Hundreds of possible roles on camp
Choose any that suit you!

Flying to camp. What are your options?

We’ve had lots of questions re. flights to the USA for camp so figured we’d ping you all out an email so you can start thinking about your flight options.

As you know we work with Student Universe to help you guys get your flights booked. You can use whichever company you’d like but we recommend their friendly and knowledgeable service!

You can book flights prior to going to the embassy but this is 100% at your discretion. Wild Packs cannot be held accountable if you choose to book flights and then your visa is rejected at the embassy. It’s highly unlikely that your visa would be rejected, but the embassy has the right to reject any applicant. Ultimately booking flights before you attend the embassy is a risk however, Student Universes’ reservation deal will allow you to have some peace of mind if you do choose to book your flights! Secure your flight now for just £50. Student Universe has negotiated exclusive rates for Wild Packs Summer Camps’ participants to ensure you get the best deals. You can reserve your space on the flight for just £50 right now that can be transferred to other flights if you miss out on your visa.

Some info re. Student Universe:

  • 24 hour emergency assist helpline so if anything unexpected happens whilst you are away or you need to change your plans you are only ever a phone call or email away from someone who can help.
  • Consultants knowledge – they have booked these routes thousands of times, they know what works out best. For example when is more cost effective to book one ways vs return flights.
  • They have access to exclusive ‘flexible’ tickets with some of the world’s biggest airlines, meaning should they wish to change their plans they can do so (with an airline change fee)
  • Where possible they also look for flight options that have guaranteed connections meaning that in the event of a delay causing you to miss a connection anywhere the airlines are automatically responsible for putting you onto the next available flight.

Student Universe also run some amazing post camp tours. They allow you to travel with likeminded people, seeing some of the most famous sites and having an absolute blast. One of our Wild Packers dropped us a line after they got back from their tour last summer and had this to say about their experience:

“Our La to the Bay tour was absolutely incredible! We loved it so much, I wish it never ended. I would definitely recommend it; It was the most fun I’ve ever had :)”

If you’re interested in joining a tour do get in touch with Student Universe, examples include 7 days in California (Vegas, San Fran, LA and National Parks) or 7 days on the Freedom Trail taking in the sites of Boston, DC, New York and Philly.

Get in touch today on 02030561130, using the enquiry form or via email

Drop us an email if you have any other questions re. flights and tours.

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