Food, accommodation and training included
We make your stay comfy and your trip stress free!

Low Program Fees & High Salaries
Expect to earn a minimum of $2000

Hundreds of possible roles on camp
Choose any that suit you!


First time Going to camp?

So, you’re hoping to head out to summer camp in America? It’s good to have an understanding of the costs involved. Don’t worry, you can end up making plenty more than you spend!

The camps we work with guarantee a minimum salary of $2,000 US dollars. While most summer camps offer this baseline amount, depending on your skills and experience, you could earn even more. What about food, drink and accommodation? That’s covered, too! We don’t even charge any application fees.

We cover a lot, but there are some things you will need to pay for. These include a small proof of intent payment to secure your place, along with things like your embassy appointment and flights. While we can’t help you financially with all of these, our team will be on hand to help you make sense of everything.

So, if you have questions or wish to speak to our team, reach out to us at +44 13138 06555 or for further details.

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First Timer Fees


Submit application

Tell us all about yourself and what you could do at camp



Chat with our experienced team. We'll answer all of your questions and help you find your camp niche.


First instalment

At this point, we're confident we can get you a place at camp! Pay your proof of intent to hold your spot and begin interviewing with camp directors.

: £125

Final installment

Once this fee is paid, we will send you off for your visa paperwork and talk you through the next steps. For example, your embassy appointment & booking flights.

: £260

Total Program Fees: £385

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What do the fees cover?

Your program costs cover your visa paperwork, SEVIS and comprehensive medical insurance whilst you’re at camp. You will also have access to 24-hour support for the entire duration of your stay in America, should the need arise. Fees may also cover elements like police background checks or medicals, but these may differ depending on what camp you’re going to.

Regardless of the camp you’re attending, you will need to visit the local US embassy to have your visa interview. The cost of this is set by the embassy but is generally around the $160 USD mark.

We are happy to provide more information on this and give you guidance on how to book your appointment when the time arrives, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Additional Third party costs

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Police Background Check

*approx £25


US Embassy Appointment

$185 (Price set by U.S. state dept.)


Medical Check

approx. £50


Flights to US

*Average 2022 Price

approx. £400 - 500

Got a question?

    Refer a friend

    You’re bound to make friends for life while you’re at camp, but what about the friends you already have? Bring them along! In fact, Wild Packs will even reimburse you £200 for applicants you recommend who are successfully placed at a camp, as long as they haven’t been to an American summer camp before and aren’t already in talks with one.

    Why stop at one friend? There’s no limit to the amount of recommendations you can make. If you recommend five friends and they all get placed successfully, you’re looking at four figures! While we can’t guarantee you’ll all be placed together, keep us informed and we’ll do what we can.

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