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A Comprehensive Guide To Working At An American Summer Camp In 2025

Spending your summers working in stunning locations all across the United States sounds good, right? Well, there are so many amazing opportunities all across America for you to experience new places while earning very impressive summer salaries.

Here at Wildpacks, we work with amazing summer camps in America that are looking for individuals like you to join their summer season in 2025.

Undecided on whether or not it is right for you? We have compiled a comprehensive guide of everything you need to know about American summer camp jobs from our team of past and present camp workers.

Understanding American Summer Camp

What Is An American Summer Camp

Summer camp in America is an extremely popular summer activity that sees more than 26 million children attend every single year. This is because they provide hugely inclusive environments for kids to have the time of their lives while learning new skills, making incredible memories, and making friendships that will last a lifetime.

These camps offer a wide variety of different activities and workshops designed to help campers with their personal development, social skills, and independence. There are many different summer camps available that differ depending on the duration, and activity.

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performing arts

Why Are Summer Camps So Popular In America

The very first summer camp in America was The Gunnery Camp which was founded in 1861. Ever since the creation of this camp, the popularity of summer camps has grown drastically within the United States. There are now 12,000 different camps in operation across the country that welcome thousands of kids every summer.

The popularity of these camps comes from parents wanting to have a place where their children can spend their summers having fun, learning new skills, and taking part in amazing activities. Not only does this avoid boredom but also helps these kids experience new people, new opportunities, and new social situations that can drastically help their personal development.

Another slightly more global reason behind the popularity of American summer camps is TV and Film. Popular films such as The Parent Trap, Camp Rock, Wet Hot American Summer, Camp Nowhere, and more have created a cult following around the American Summer Camp idea.

How To Get A Job At An American Summer Camp

The Application Process

When looking to work at a summer camp in America, the best thing that you can do is just apply. Once you have applied you will have the opportunity to speak with individuals with previous experience to find out more about the experience. This will then allow you to be 100% sure that this is the right step for you.

The application process is simple. There are 5 very simple steps between you and your final destination. These steps are:

Check out our ‘Apply Now’ page to find out more information on the application process.

Summer Camp Costs

There are three main costs that need to be taken into account when thinking about applying for and working at a camp program in America. These costs include two installments paid to cover all your visa paperwork, SEVIS, and comprehensive medical insurance while you are at camp. The last cost is flights, your fees do not cover your flights so you are responsible for booking them.

Installment 1


Return Flights

£400- £500

Installment 2


Want to learn more about the costs associated with camp? Check out our ‘Camp Costs’ page to find out everything you need to know.

Eligibility Requirements

When looking to work at an American summer camp in 2025 you must meet the following eligibility requirements. These eligibility requirements are:

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J-1 Visa Requirements

When looking for a summer job at camps in America you must first obtain a J-1 visa. This is a non-immigrant visa that is issued by the United States government for anyone outside of the US who intends to participate in an approved program.

This visa can take a prolonged period to obtain so it is important to take this into account when looking to work at a camp in America.

We will be on hand at all stages of the J-1 visa application process and US embassy appointments to help make it as smooth as possible. We will help you get all of the necessary documents and paperwork before sending off your application for you.

Find out more about everything you need to know about J-1 visas before applying.

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US Summer Camp Roles

Types Of Summer Camp Roles

Adventure Roles

All summer camps have a huge amount of adventure activities that require supervision. So the thrill seekers, daredevils, and adventurers among us have a huge variety of opportunities available to them. A large majority of summer camps are actively looking for avid climbers to fill climbing roles that involve supervising and teaching. 

Checkout our Adventure Roles page to find out more information

Summer Camp Circus Roles
Dive in at a waterfront swimming camp

Aquatic Roles

There are a huge amount of aquatic roles at summer camps with stunning lakes and pools. Whether it be lifeguarding roles or watersport roles, camps are full of water-related activities that require supervision from strong swimmers and trained lifeguards. 

Checkout our Aquatic Roles page to find out more information

Equestrian Roles

If you love all things horses then you are in luck. Many summer camps across America have a huge number of equestrian and horse riding roles that need filling. These roles include looking after the horses, giving horse riding lessons, stable maintenance and so much more. 

Checkout Our Equestrian Roles page to find out more information

Share your love of horses at a horse riding camp
Dance Camp Counselor Jobs

Performing Arts Roles

Performing arts activities can be found at pretty much all summer camps in America. Therefore, there are a huge amount of roles available for avid dancers, cheerleaders, musical theatre performers, and drama performers. These roles allow you to share your love for all things creative arts with the next generation of stars. 

Checkout our Performing Arts Roles page to find out more information

Sports Roles

There are a huge number of sports activities and workshops that happen at summer camp. Therefore, camps are always looking for avid sportsmen and sportswomen to supervise and lead these activities. There are commonly football roles (or soccer as the Americans call it), baseball, basketball, and much more. 

Checkout our Sports Roles page to find out more information

Coach at a summer sports camp

Summer Camp Life

Food & Accommodation

Both food and accommodation are fully inclusive when working at a summer camp. You will be put up in cabins with your fellow counselors, and have breakfast lunch, and dinner provided for you on camp in the food hall. This valuable time spent with both fellow counselors and campers will allow you to build incredible relationships and memorable moments.

a bunk

Mornings At Camp

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The first task of the day is to get the campers awake and excited for the day ahead. This often involves a little bit of music and dancing to get them motivated and ready for breakfast. Breakfast is then served up in the food hall where you can chat to and learn more about the campers while fuelling up for the busy day ahead.

Once breakfast is done, it is then time to get ready and raring to go for the activities that lie ahead. It is your job to ensure that all campers know the plan for the day and can plan accordingly. Once all that is done and everyone is ready, the activities can start.

Camp Activities

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The main part of the day is of course supervising and teaching the activities that your schedule has in store. These activities are made up of both minors and majors. Minors are activities that the campers choose such as swimming, biking, climbing, etc. Whereas majors are activities that campers take part in every day and help them to learn and expand their skills.

This is the time when specialist camp counsellors (you) will be teaching and supervising activities, classes, and workshops. Here you can share your passions and skills for your specialist activity and help the kids to grow their passions and abilities in that field.

Evenings At Camp

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Evenings are where the true cliche summer camp experience kicks in. The evenings will be spent around inviting campfires, watching shows, taking part in games, and of course having a sing. It will not take long for you to be fully immersed in camp life and sharing life stories with your fellow campers and counselors while toasting a marshmallow and making smores. 

After Camp

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Once you have completed your summer camp job, the experience does not have to stop there. With your J-1 visa, you will have a full 30 days after summer camp finishes to travel America. You will therefore have the chance to experience all of the beauty and character that the vast country has to offer and can even travel with the amazing friends that you met during camp.

Apply Now For Summer 2025 USA Summer Camps With Wildpacks

Does working at an American camp sound like the perfect way to spend your 2025 summer?

If so then apply today or get in touch with our team of experienced camp counsellors to find out more information and get some first-hand testimonials.