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Camp in Maine? Here’s our top tips

Wild Packs are lucky to work with hundreds of camps based all over the USA- giving applicants a real taste of American culture! Most of the camps we work with are decades old, some have been running for over 100 years- their longevity shows the success of camp.

Many of our wonderful camps are based on the north east coast (the New York/Tri-state area up through New England, into Maine), as this stretch is a traditional area for camping in the USA.

Maine is a notorious state for summer camp – it’s known as “Vacactionland” for a reason! The immense lakes, beautiful beaches and dense forests, what more could you want!

If you’re heading to Maine to work at camp, or would just love to visit this beautiful state then read on for our top three things to do and see:

  • Acadia National Park – one of the smallest but most visited National Parks in the States. Acadia National Park is a beautiful park full of many things to see and do. We’d recommend watching the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, shopping in Bar Harbor, camping in one of the many campsites, a nice lunch at Jordan’s Pond as just a few of the many things Acadia has to offer.
  • Hiking- If you’ve got a keen sense of adventure and want to stretch your legs then you’ll be spoilt for choice in Maine! From shorter strolls along Marginal Way in the gorgeous seaside town of Ogunquit, to the more daring Beehive Trail (which includes climbing on rungs jutting out of rocks and sheer drops). If you’re up for a challenge why not take on the tallest peak in Maine Mount Katahdin. Standing at an impressive 5,267 feet and located towards the northern end of the Appalachian Trail (which stretches between Maine and Georgia and typically takes 5-7 months).
  • Food and drink- Full to the brim with seafood, breweries and blueberries you will be absolutely spoilt for choice with food and drink options in Maine. There are some wonderful food and drink tours, including the highly reviewed Maine Food for Thought – who have a focus on farm to table dining- teaching the importance of sustainable fishing and farming. If you’ll be over 21 when you’re in Maine then Allagash Brewery, in the vibrant city of Portland, offers cheap tours of their brewery (the tours include samples- yay!). If you’re in Portland then we would recommend trying to work your way through the wonderful restaurants and diners on offer – there really something for every taste and occasion.

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