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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Sian

Sian waved goodbye to Dorset for the summer and hello to camp in New York! Here’s what she had to say about her experience working as a counselor in the USA…

Why did you choose Wild Packs?

Wild Packs were recommended to me. The transparency appealed to me, as they were very upfront and honest about costs and what I should expect, unlike a lot of agencies I had looked into, that seemed to have hidden costs. My basic wage was also much higher than people who had gone through other agencies!

What did you do at camp?

I originally accepted a position as a general counselor at my camp. However two week before departure day I got the call asking if I would like to work on the camps outdoor adventure team, due to my outdoor experience at home. I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to fulfill my new role. Two weeks into camp, due to unforeseen circumstance, I was made head of outdoor adventure! It was an amazing and unexpected opportunity and really made my summer all the more spectacular!

Highlight of the summer?

Where do I begin? I have so many amazing memories, but the highest of all has to be being selected as a lieutenant for Color War! It was an incredible honour to be chosen, especially as a first year, but specifically, taking part in rope burn. Rope burn is the first and much anticipated activity after colour war breaks out. It was a lot of pressure, but working alongside my fellow officers and ultimately winning it for our team has got to be, not just a highlight of camp, but honestly one of the proudest moments of my life!

Favourite camp meal?

Pizza Friday. Hands down. Would anybody choose anything else??

Favourite evening activity at camp?

Bingo! But in all seriousness, bingo was actually hilarious.

Sing nights were also a massively anticipated night for me, it was very powerful to hear the kids singing about camp with such pride and happiness. 10for2!

Favourite day off activity?

My camp was in the heart of the Catskill mountains so us counselors spent our days off spent by the river in the sun, or even at a fancy resort by the pool for our extended days off.

Favourite post camp travel destination?

Unlike most, I didn’t travel the USA after camp. I have a boyfriend at home who waited 10 long weeks for me to return. Instead I took the money I earnt at camp and we are currently in Borneo! Travelling across Malaysia, and Indonesia. Soon we will be in Bali for some surfing, and I honestly couldn’t be happier about my decision. (My money also goes a very long way over here)

What did you learn about yourself this summer?

I learnt never to give up on working hard. I have had many jobs where I worked so hard and was never appreciated. Camp was NOT one of those places. In the camp bubble, there is no outside influence, it’s just you and who you are that maters and from day one I felt that I was valued and appreciated. I remember my first day arriving at camp, sitting in the dining hall, looking at the Color War plaques and hearing stories of all the people who had been officers. The concept of that ever being me was so out of the realm of possibility and yet here I am, 10 weeks down, and my name hanging on the dining hall wall forever. It’s the appreciation I feel, and the love for my campers and fellow counselors, that makes me want to return for as long as I can.

If Sian’s story inspired you to take the plunge and apply for camp then hit the Apply Now button and start your journey. Make sure to mention Sian when you apply!

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