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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Sara from Trails End Camp

Looking for some more information on working at a co-ed sleep away camp in Pennsylvania? Sara Fetterhoff- the Assistant Director at Trail’s End Camp answers our camp director Q&As!

Tell us a little bit about your camp?

Trail’s End Camp is a traditional camp in Beach Lake PA (2 hrs from NYC and 2 hrs from Philly). We have 540 Campers and 315 Staff members! About ¼ of our staff are international. We have a large lake program and every sport or art you can imagine.

How long have you worked in camping?

13 Summers (including 2020) – Five years seasonally and 7 full time.

What’s your favourite thing about camp?

I love our traditional events – SING is by far my favourite event.

When was your camp established?


What’s your favourite special event or evening activity at camp?

SING or 4th of July Buddies and Rangers Show (our youngest campers)

What’s the most popular meal at camp?

Traditional BBQ

Why do you hire international staff?

International staff bring a different sense of culture to the camp environment. They also often have skills that we need to help teach our campers. They are excited and passionate about working with kids. We are so lucky to have them part of our camp family.

What qualities do you find the best camp counsellors have?

Energy, Passion, Social Skills, FLEXIBILITY, Sportsmanship, Communication and problem solving.

The J1 visa is a cultural exchange visa- what would you recommend your camp counsellors visit in the surrounding area to your camp when they are on their days off?

Wayne County Fair, New York City, Philadelphia, Promise Land State Park, Dorney Park, Woodbury Commons, Narrowsburg, Skinners Falls, Scranton PA (home of the US Office!)

What would be your words of wisdom to new camp counsellors?

To be excited to meet new friends who will become family and be ready to change a child’s life! You will be surrounded by like minded people looking to work hard but also play hard for the summer!

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