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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Miranda

Heading back for her sixth(!) summer working at camp is Miranda. She’s worked in two different camps, one in Maine and New York. Miranda explains why she loves camp so much!

Why did you choose Wild Packs?

I chose Wild Packs because the application process is straightforward, clear and very well supported. Any questions I had were responded to quickly, and the staff were friendly and helpful!

What did you do at camp?

My position at camp was Head of Dance. My role was to keep the dance department fun, exciting and productive; teaching classes in instructional dance, creative choreography, yoga, Zumba and fitness. We also had the opportunity to teach other unique activities, so I led sessions in capoeira, a Brazilian martial art practised to drumming.

Highlight of the summer?

My highlight of the summer was the moment when a group of ten year old boys turned up to the studio asking for a dance class. I had worked all summer to persuade boys that dance is not just for girls, and to encourage and inspire them to try it. Seeing them laughing and buzzing with energy as they left the studio having tried something new – and loving it – made me feel so happy!

Favourite camp meal?

Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels for breakfast on Sunday’s!

Favourite evening activity at camp?

Square dancing! We did this activity both in staff week and with all the campers throughout the summer and it was so much fun. It was wonderful (and hilarious) seeing the youngest campers break through their shyness and hold hands with the opposite gender, and watching the groups work together to avoid tangling and colliding! Fun levels were boosted by obligatory fancy dress ?

Favourite day off activity?

Hiking in the Catskill mountains. A short drive away from my second camp in New York there were the most beautiful forests and mountains, with hikes of all difficulty levels. We were spoilt for choice! People would go in small groups on their chosen hike or outdoor activity, and in the evening all of the groups would meet up again for dinner. Once or twice we camped out overnight…the stars are breathtaking out in the mountains!

Favourite post camp travel destination?

Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala. After a road trip down the east coast of the states, I ended up in a beautiful lakeside town in Guatemala called San Marcos La Laguna. The amazing thing about camp is you make incredibly close friendships with like minded people – including people with a thirst for travel! Plans start to unfold in the first couple of weeks and before you know it you’re catching up with camp friends all over the world.

What did you learn about yourself this summer?

This summer I learnt that it’s almost impossible to smile at a child without getting one in return. And adults too! Any shyness about giving that part of yourself to someone else, opening up and essentially asking for a connection, has faded away. I feel more confident to just be honest. I do not have to be shy about being who I am and sharing that with other people…turns out it can positively impact people and you can share a lot of love that way. I learnt that taking a risk, and allowing people to see you just being you, can turn out extremely well and even inspire others to do the same.

Inspired to teach dance at camp? Or see more of the world because of camp?

Then apply today, and mention Miranda’s story!

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