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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Lucy

Education student Lucy decided to head over to the USA after being recommended to do so by a good friend.  She worked at a day camp in Maryland this summer, with the youngest campers, who were just 2 and 3 years old! She knew her experience at camp would really help her studies at Edinburgh University as well as teaching once her degree is over.

Why Wild Packs?

I chose to go with Wild Packs as one of my uni friends were already signed up with Wild Packs and she suggested WP as they were so good with her and so I did.

What did you do at camp?

My role at camp was being a head counsellor for the little friends which were 2/3 year olds.

Highlight of the summer?

That’s a hard one as the whole summer was amazing but I think what I’ll never forget were the people! That is a total cliché but It’s so true! I’ve never been that environment before where you live with 15 other wild packers and you just bond and have such a laugh that you just can’t help but come away with best friends for life.

Favourite meal at camp?

My favourite camp meal had to be by far the macaroni cheese!! I absolutely love mac n cheese.

Favourite Activity?

It had to be campfire! When we got to sit around a campfire making smores, listening/dancing/singing to music and having a good laugh under the stars was just so much fun.

Favourite way to spend your time off?

At my camp we got our evenings and weekends off so we got a lot of days off! My favourite day off activity though would be our days at the pool. We would have some relaxing time where we got to sunbathe, read and have fun splashing in the pool without having to worry about supervising kids.

Favourite post camp travel destination?

It to be New York!!! The place was amazing with such great places to see and great people to see it with!

What did you learn about yourself this summer?

Overall this summer I just learnt so much about myself. For example, I learnt I love the sun ?, I love America and it’s people but most of all I learnt that I really enjoy trying new things and taking myself out of my comfort zone and living and if travelling to America alone, meeting and living with 15 total strangers and spending 10 weeks away from your loved ones isn’t out of your comfort zone, I don’t know what is! ?

If Lucy’s story has inspired you to work at camp then apply today! Make sure you mention Lucy when completing your application.

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