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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Katy

Katy spent the summer of 2018 working at a camp in New York state, teaching arts and crafts. Read on for how strangers at summer camp quickly became Katy’s second family.

Why did you decide to work at camp?

I went to a summer camp in the UK as a child. And I loved it, I really looked up to my counsellors and I always thought that it was something that I would like to do.

What did you do at camp? What did your position entail?

I was a specialist counsellor in the art barn so I ran activity periods with groups of kids during the day. I was also a general counsellor, so after the activities were finished for the day I helped with the kids until it was their curfew.

Favourite camp food?

Quesadillas and fresh cookies.

Favourite bunk activity?

Spa definitely, we loved to pamper ourselves as often as possible and the girls loved it too.

Favourite evening activity?

Definitely karaoke!

Favourite special event?

Trip day!

One thing you couldn’t live without at camp?

My egg crate (a mattress topper!)

What to pack…

Sunscreen but also bring a rain jacket.

What to not pack…

Full size toiletries, you can pick these up when you get to camp.

Wild Packs process tips- any hints and tips to make the process of applying to going to camp run smoothly?

Keep on top of your documents and fees and ask questions if you need help/advice.

Favourite way to spend your days off?

Exploring areas around camp.

Top travel destination?


Top travel tip (transportation, where to stay etc)?

Try and spend less on accommodation so stay in hostels and motels rather than fancy hotels. Or if you are travelling as a group stay in an Airbnb.

If I knew then what I know now…

I would pack more regular clothes for nights off.

Hardest challenge at camp?

Adapting to being away from home.

What surprised you about camp?

How quickly strangers become family.

Main highlight from the summer?

Meeting people that have become a massive part of  my life and going from being strangers to becoming part of a family.

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