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Camp Counselor Spotlight: India

Living ten for two and back at camp for her third summer is Group Leader, India. Read on for her summer camp story…

Why Wild Packs?

This was my third summer using Wild Packs. I’ve found that they are always reliable, quick and easy to talk to, very approachable and super committed to placing an individual at a camp that is suited to them! I don’t know anyone that has had any problem with them, they make the whole process, which could be very stressful, easy.

What did you do at camp?

At camp this year I was a group leader for the 10th grade girls at Camp Echo in New York State. This meant that I was supervising 4 bunks of 14 and 15 year olds and all the staff that came with them, so just under 80 people!

Highlight of the summer?

The highlight of my summer was having a spontaneous pasta party with one of the bunks in the dining hall where we all threw cold spaghetti at each other and tried to find the most creative way to eat it. It happened out of nowhere but we all laughed so so much.

Favourite camp meal?

Camp meals are one of my favourite times at camp where we would put on our favourite songs, dance on the tables and sing along to the corniest music. My favourite meal is probably taco bar and if it’s followed by brownies then it’s 10/10 meal where I will eat enough for about 10 people.

Best evening activity?

My favourite evening activity is either Brad the Hypnotist who hypnotises members of staff and gets them to do things that have the entire camp in stitches and they remember nothing or Olympics Ceremony. I love getting involved with the dances and running with a flag and it all ending with the rings being lit on fire. It gives me the biggest feeling of family and being all together for a week as incredible as Olympics.

How did you spend your days off?

Over the summers I’ve had the chance to do some amazing things on my day off such as a Yankees game, water parks and theme parks, trips to the City and taking a helicopter over the City. My favourite one this summer was when we went to Kaaterskill Falls which has lots of waterfalls and places you can cliff jump and it was just super chilled out which was a pleasant break from a stressful and busy job!

Favourite post camp travel desintation?

This year I finally got to visit New Orleans after camp. I wanted to save it until I was 21 and now that I am, I went and it did not disappoint. The atmosphere on Bourbon Street at night was something so special and unique with live music in every bar and people throwing necklaces down from all the bar balconies. During the day, you can just walk around all the streets listening to street musicians playing jazz, visiting boutiques and eating extraordinary food. It fast became my favourite place that I have ever travelled to and somewhere I can’t wait to return to.

What has camp taught you?

This summer I definitely learned patience and communication skills. I had to make sure that my staff knew all the information they needed, that the kids were being cared for but also making sure they were having the best summer that I could hope for. As it was their last summer as campers, I tried my hardest to make it everything they wanted. For sure, my leadership skills have sky rocketed this summer! I was thrown into it and no amount of training can prepare you for 50+ teenage girls!! I also learned when to just throw your hands up at the rules and say what the hell, as long as everyone was safe but when to rein it back in. And finally, I further learned what a special place summer camp is, for all the children who come back year after year and also for all of the staff who come from across the world to have the best summer of your life.

If pasta throwing parties, brownies and New Orleans have inspired you to work at camp this summer then don’t delay.

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