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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Holly

Camp is a transformative place for so many people. Returning staff often describe living 10 for 2, spending all year thinking about going back to their summer home. Edinburgh native, Holly has just returned from her second summer working at camp and wanted to share her experiences with us.

Why did you choose Wild Packs?

I was recommended Wild Packs by a friend at first. After having my initial phone interview with them I knew that choosing Wild Packs was the right choice for me – all of the staff are so friendly and helpful it made my experience of finding a camp and sorting out my visa and things very easy and exciting.

What did you do at camp?

I was a ceramics counsellor in my first year at camp and then was given the Head of Ceramics role during my second summer. During both summers I have also been a bunk counsellor and I have been lucky enough to have the same group of girls for both summers. Want to teach art at camp? Check out our arts roles!

Highlight of the summer?

The highlight of both of my summers has got to be Colour War! It happens in the last week of camp and the entire camp is split into two teams (2017 was Red Reef and Grey Amazon) and I swear it has been the craziest times of my life! The kids get so excited and get so into the extremely friendly competition! The final evening is Colour War Sing. All of the Generals give speeches, the kids are all dressed up in their costumes and it is probably one of the most emotional nights of camp. Singing the Alma Mater with all of my kids has got to be one of the most heart warming things I’ve ever experienced.

Favourite camp meal?

Definitely has got to be Pizza Fridays! This ties in with Ranch Dressing Day… you have got to try it!

Favourite evening activity at camp?

My favourite evening activity has got to be the Counsellor Hunt! It’s essentially a giant game of Hide & Seek – All the counsellors hide, and then all the kids run to come and find us.

Favourite day off activity?

Aside from shopping and eating at all of these wonderful American Diners?.. My friends and I have a really nice spot next to the Delaware River where we can just relax, have a swim, and just enjoy some quiet time before returning to the craziness!

Favourite post camp travel destination?

After my time at camp in 2016, I was determined to go over to Los Angeles. Since my name is Holly, I wanted a picture with the Hollywood Sign and that is exactly what I did.

What did you learn about yourself this summer?

This summer really showed me that friends that you make at camp, really are going to be life long friends. People that I only met at the end of June and I now can’t imagine my life without them. Everything that happens in life happens for a reason, and if you can make working at a summer camp part of your year it’ll be the best decision you could make. I now have friends that I know I will cherish forever, a wonderful group of crazy kids that I’m missing like beyond belief, and a place that I call my second home.

If you’re interested in following in Holly’s footsteps then complete our application today and we will be in touch.

You’ll find the online application here – please reference Holly’s blog post when you apply!

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