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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Esteban

Esteban worked at a summer camp in up-state New York last summer, as a lifeguard. He also introduced his brother to Wild Packs (and therefore managed to get a discount on his fees!) and is planning on heading back during the summer of 2018. Read on to find out why Esteban said adios to Mexico for the summer and hola to the USA!

Why Wild Packs?

I was literally one night sitting down thinking about what was I going to do next summer. I was looking for something different and fun. After a few hours I found Wild Packs. I looked over the web site and everything seemed to be awesome. I decided to try it and from the first moment I had contact with them I was inspired and always getting an answer with a big smile and I loved it.

What did you do at camp?

I was chosen to do one of the best jobs at camp, I went as a Lifeguard!! What’s better than being in the lake and pools in a really hot summer? I received a really hard training my first week at camp by the American red cross, it was not easy I’m not going to lie but the bond I had with my fellow lifeguards helped me through it and that is one of the most amazing parts of this job, being part of a big team that at the end of the summer I considered as family.

Highlight of the summer?

What a hard questions. It’s really difficult to explain an experience like this; Camp is just something that everyone must do at least once. If I have to choose then I will definitely say friends. The amazing bond you make with people from all around the world is crazy. You honestly will get the chance to live for 10 weeks with people that will always smile to you, help you when needed and make you feel like home. I also had the opportunity to work in the freshmen division with the little kids of camp and again I can say they really changed my life and I’m sure I did the same with them.

Favourite camp meal?

Honestly whenever I heard we would have Chicken parmesan for the day a big smile would appear on my face.

Favourite evening activity at camp?

Let me start by saying that evening activity was always my favorite part of the day. From watching Moana with my kids to playing games with them in the night was so much fun. My favorite one was Olympics opening ceremony. I was part of the ceremony; I went to rehearsals for the “Waka Waka” dance for a whole week, I realized that I´m definitely not the best dancer but it was so much fun. I also ran with the Mexican flag, I remember all my kids and friends started to cheer me up when I was running and that’s something I will never forget.

Favourite day off activity?

I remember sitting down with one of my best friends of camp at the bus listening to “Empire state of mind” while we were passing through the tunnel that gets you to New York City and suddenly being surrounded by this tall buildings I saw in a lot of movies. That’s a trip I will never forget. I went for a whole night and day to the big city with my friends from camp, got to know places like central park, empire states, 9/11 memorial and more.

Favourite post camp travel destination?

I did not travel after camp because I had to come back to Mexico to continue my university studies. But I’m sure the money I didn´t use for that will help go back to camp next summer or plan a trip with my friends next Christmas. I saw a lot of videos and pictures of my friends travels and they looked just awesome.

What did you learn about yourself this summer?

I did at camp things that I would have never imagined doing in my life. That taught me that I´m capable of doing a lot more than I knew. ¿Dress up as a girl with my best mates and then dance on stage in front of the whole camp? Those are the kind of things that you remember for the rest of your life, just having fun with people you love and creating strong friendships. I grew as a person; I now can say I see the world in a different perspective and got strong to help make the world a better place.

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