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Camp Counselor Spotlight: Alicia from Fernwood Cove/.

Alicia, Camp director of Fernwood Cove in Maine tells us a little more about the all girls traditional camp that she runs and what makes Fernwood Cove special!

Tell us a little bit about your camp?

Fernwood Cove is Maine’s first half-season all girls traditional camp.  With a focus of simple living, personal growth, and community Fernwood Cove empowers campers and staff to become the best versions of themselves.  Through over 60 instructional activities, Trip Days, camp events, and seasoned traditions Fernwood Cove provides a full-summer program in a three-and-a-half-week session.  Fernwood Cove counsellors work as activity specialists and bunk counsellors, providing them with a holistic summer camp experience of their own.

How long have you worked in camping?

As a director, 15 years.  Including my summers as a camp counsellor I have 21 summers of working at summer camp.

What’s your favourite thing about camp?

The positive impact that summer camp has on each person in the camp community.  No matter how old you are (7 or 70) summer camp teaches you something every summer!

When was your camp established?

1998, the first summer was 1999

What’s your favourite special event or evening activity at camp?

Campfire.  It is the soul of camp.

What’s the most popular meal at camp?

Mac-n-cheese, Opening Day dinner of Spaghetti and Meatballs, Departure Day breakfast of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Why do you hire international staff?

They contribute to our values of diversity and community.  They contribute so many things to the camp experience that we value highly.

What qualities do you find the best camp counsellors have?

A passion for learning and personal growth.  An openness for change.  A go-getter, team-focused attitude.

The J1 visa is a cultural exchange visa- what would you recommend your camp counsellors visit in the surrounding area to your camp when they are on their days off?

Portland, ME- the downtown/Old Port area.  There’s amazing Maine coastal culture there!

Freeport, ME- get lobster at Haraseekets!

North Conway, NH – the mountains are amazing and there’s no sales tax which makes shopping even more fun!

What would be your words of wisdom to new camp counsellors?

Being a camp counsellor is a REAL JOB!  Some days it can be the hardest job you’ll ever have.  However, it is one of the most rewarding, if not the most rewarding, experiences you’ll ever have.  Camp will impact you in ways you could never imagine and in ways no other job or life experience can.  You must work through the tough days, soak up the magic of the amazing days, be willing to do the silly/goofy things, and always put the campers first.  Working at camp isn’t about you.  But if you commit to giving your best for the camp and the campers you’ll experience personal growth that will positively benefit you for the rest of your life.

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