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Camp Cooking

Bored at home? Want to fill some time by filling your belly? Recently we asked our lovely Wild Packers what their favourite camp foods were and had so many great answers in that it made us hungry for camp! If you’re looking to recreate the magic of American food whilst self-isolating at home then we have the blog for you. Get your wooden spoon ready, pre-heat the oven and prepare to impress your household with your campy culinary arts!

Breakfast – American style pancakes came out as our winner – Is there anything better?! Chocolate chip, blueberry, plain? Then we have toppings- bacon, syrup, fruit, yogurt, chocolate spread. Stack that pancake mountain up and tuck into the best camp breakfast you can imagine. We had a hunt over the world wide web and found this recipe.

Lunch – We had a few options but when it came down to it chicken tenders was number 1. Now, if you’re anything like the staff at Wild Packs you’ll think of the process of cooking chicken tenders as opening the freezer and bunging them into the oven. This recipe looks amazing and fairly straightforward – we can’t wait to give it a go!

Dinner – Absolute landslide in the voting for dinner with pizza being the winner by a country mile. During these troubled times you may have for got to know your local pizza delivery driver by first name but this recipe shows you how to make the dough in an easy step-by-step guide as well as loads of links at the bottom of the page for pizza topping suggestions.

Last but not least dessert – there’s no surprise that ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies came out on top. Who can resist those warm chocolate delights? Perfect for sitting in and dunking in tea whilst binge watching your favourite series on TV. These will remind you of camp and satisfy that sweet tooth at the same time- what are you waiting for? Get that mixing bowl out and follow the recipe here.

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