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Sports Roles

Sports Roles

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Food, Accommodation and Training – All Included!

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Low Program Fees and High Salaries!

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Huge Variety of Different Camp Roles!

Become a sports coach at a summer camp

Are you highly energetic and enthusiastic about sports? Your skills are needed at summer camps in America.

Sports are a regular part of camp life, but for many young people in the USA, it isn’t just a fun activity. It teaches communication, teamwork, agility, stamina, and skills. As a sports camp counselor, you will engage the campers in different sports from soccer and baseball to golf and fencing. If you are considering going into teaching or coaching as a career, then a camp counsellor role in athletics or landsports is ideal for you.

If you love sports and fitness, this is the perfect summer camp job for you. Even if you just enjoy playing football with your friends, you can turn your interests it into actionable skills to use later in your life.

We offer a referral bonus for every friend you connect with our service, and if you share interests, you might just get placed at the same camp! What are you waiting for? Apply today.

camp counsellor roles

Sports counsellor positions at camp


Competitive & Team Sports

Most young people love watching competitive team sports, such as American football, basketball, and soccer. At a summer camp, you could be helping campers learn more about their favourite sports actively. Why not apply to a football summer camp and see what happens?


Cheerleading & Dance

Cheerleading and dance require a lot of strength, coordination, and trust. Work with American kids to help them build their skills and confidence in these areas, as well as your own. There are specialist cheerleading camps as well as general camps offering cheerleading activities. These camps give you the best and more authentic camp experience, and your skills might be perfect for placement at one.



Sports summer camps don’t just have to focus on a sport. Many offer lessons in fitness, engaging kids in fun ways to keep their bodies healthy and happy. As a sports camp counsellor, you’ll be there to show them that fitness doesn’t have to be relegated to a gym. If you are a Level 2 Gym or Fitness Instructor or hold a Level 2 Personal Training Certification, you may fit perfectly into this role.

Coach at a summer sports camp

Do you have what it takes to become a sports camp counsellor

Love a specific sport or maybe you’re an all-rounder? Whatever the case, there is a sports camp counsellor job for you. If you want to try your hand at coaching in America at a summer camp, we can help. Sports are some of the most popular activities for camps across America, and in your role, you can teach campers about the sports and help them in their day-to-day life at camp.

Experience coaching or working alongside children is key to your success. We can help you build on these skills, and if you have qualifications, that is even better! The qualifications will vary depending on the role, so if you have any, include them in your application. Don’t have formal qualifications? Don’t worry, you’ll be matched to the perfect role to suit your needs.

There are many different types of sports camps across America, with most camps offering sports as part of the itinerary.  Apply now to gain vital experience that’ll look amazing on your CV.

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    Why choose Wild Packs?

    This might all be new to you, but it isn’t to us. Our team at Wild Packs have been helping people in situations like yours for over 15 years, connecting them to the camp where they met friends for decades and developed skills for life.

    In fact, the people who will be helping you find your camp have all been through the process themselves – they’ve all had multiple successful placements across camps in America. That means they know exactly what you’re going through and exactly what you’re suited to, giving you the best chance at getting the position that fits you best. Not sold on it yet? Below are some more benefits that might win you over:

    • No registration or interview fees
    • Work and travel with salaries starting from $2,000
    • Change kids’ lives
    • Learn new skills
    • Amazing career development
    • Travel across the USA
    • Visa, four-month medical insurance and support
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    Becoming a sports counsellor starts with a simple online application. You’ll provide the essential information, such as your name, age, and date of birth. You can select the activities that you are interested in, add any talents and certificates you hold, and hit submit!

    This first step of the process is easy, straightforward, and free! Someone in the team will then get in contact with you for a free and informal interview, with advice on how to enhance your application.

    Sports camps can offer broad experiences or more specialised ones, depending on the type of camp. You could take part in the following and more:

    • Soccer

    • Baseball

    • Basketball

    • Golf

    • Tennis

    • Volleyball

    • Roller hockey

    • Gymnastics

    • Horseback riding

    • American football

    • Swimming

    • Dodgeball

    • Fencing

    • Cheerleading

    • Dancing

    • Ultimate frisbee

    • Zumba

    • General fitness

    The amount of competition for soccer coaching roles in American summer camps means that you will need qualifications to stand out from the crowd. Good teaching experience and one of the following can be a huge help:

    • FA Level 1or 2
    • Sports Coaching Level 1 or 2 Awards

    Gymnastics coaches can help show campers the potential of their skills. Your experience and abilities can help your application shine, and while certifications can help, they aren’t necessary. The process starts with a free and simple application, where you’ll provide your details, the activities you are interested in, and any certifications you hold. Our dedicated and experienced team will then work with you to find you the perfect camp counsellor role.