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Arts Roles

Arts Roles

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Food, Accommodation and Training – All Included!

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Low Program Fees and High Salaries!

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Huge Variety of Different Camp Roles!

Dance and drama camp counsellor jobs

If you’re creative and love everything about the stage, a performing arts role in a summer camp might be perfect for you.

Performing arts camps in America are extremely popular with more creative kids, giving you the chance to nurture young minds and encourage creativity in a fun environment. As a performing arts camp counsellor, you’ll guide youngsters through different activities, building their confidence and creating a safe space for them to express themselves.

If you love theatre, drama, music, and dance, a performing arts summer camp will be perfect for you. Work alongside kids in America and turn your love of the arts into practical skills you can use throughout your career.

Refer a friend, you could even be placed together!

Have fun with dance and drama camp counsellor jobs

Types of performing arts summer camp jobs


Drama Camp Counselor Jobs

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Drama camp counsellor jobs might be well suited to you. Whether that’s working behind the scenes or bringing out the best talent in kids, you can help them grow their skills on stage with tragedy, comedy, melodrama, musical theatre, and more!


Dance Camp Counselor Jobs

Those with experience dancing will love the chance to work as a dance camp counsellor. No matter your interests, from ballet and waltz to jazz and contemporary dancing, you’ll get the opportunity to share your interests and skills with others.


Summer Camp Circus Roles

Performing arts summer camps across America may also teach circus skills. A circus department at camp will focus on many different disciplines from acrobatics to juggling. This is an excellent opportunity for those with high energy to try something different.

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What can you learn as a performing arts summer camp counsellor?

You’ll find yourself in an environment where you have the responsibility to lead but without the pressure of having to do it all by yourself. With other counsellors in the same position, along with a team of professionals who have been doing this for years, you’ll be in the perfect place to grow yourself and others.

In this role, you’ll learn key skills that could make you really stand out when applying for career roles in the future. You’ll learn how to manage groups of people, how to get the best out of individuals, and the best ways to communicate or even reduce conflict; all while having fun doing the creative arts you’re passionate about!

What will the day-to-day look like? Well, it depends on the area you’re focusing on. We’ll match you to a camp and role that suits your experience and passion. Do you know the works of Shakespeare like the back of your hand? Then maybe you’ll be teaching kids how to express themselves through acting. Does Shakespeare make you want to disappear, and music is more your thing? Then you’ll be getting the guitars out and showing them a thing or two about how to play. By teaching them these, you’ll be learning a lot yourself – including how satisfying it is to help other people grow.

Creative camp counsellor roles are often in high demand and those with creative minds and a lot of energy will thrive in these positions. Not only can you develop your skills, but you can add this experience to your CV and show off what you’ve learned!

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    Starting your camp counsellor journey with Wild Packs

    With over 15 years under our belt, our team at Wild Packs are experts at matching counsellors with their ideal summer camp. Instead of sifting through countless camps on your own, let us use our connections to find your perfect summer spot!

    Why should you trust us? Well, every one of our coaches has firsthand experience at American summer camps. They understand what’s essential and what will get the best out of your skills and passions. After all, everything you’re going through now, they’ve already been through. We think that makes them the best people around to find the role that speaks to you most. Still wondering if it’s right for you? Consider these other benefits:

    • No registration or interview fees
    • Work and travel with salaries starting from $2,000
    • Make a real difference in kids’ lives
    • Boost your career prospects
    • Explore the USA
    • Visa provided, including four-month medical insurance and support
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    Performing arts summer camps cover a huge range of different areas of creativity. You could be teaching campers about drama and the theatre, or you might be building their knowledge of glass-blowing and art.

    Dance camp counsellors will need to bring a positive and energetic attitude, as well as good communication skills. Patience is a must, as well as an ability to see the bigger picture and solve problems.

    Circus summer camps are extremely popular and teach campers and counsellors alike a huge range of skills. From the art of clowning to acrobatics, you’ll thrive in a fun but challenging environment.

    Submitting an application for a summer camp through Wild Packs costs nothing. We don’t charge fees for this part of the process or the interview. So tell us what you could do at camp today.