Food, accommodation and training included
We make your stay comfy and your trip stress free!

Low Program Fees & High Salaries
Expect to earn a minimum of $2000

Hundreds of possible roles on camp
Choose any that suit you!


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Food, Accommodation and Training – All Included!

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Low Program Fees and High Salaries!

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Huge Variety of Different Camp Roles!

Change lives as a camp counsellor

Have the time of your life at a summer camp in America and transform the lives of young people as a camp counsellor.

If you’re interested in making new friends, having fun, and spending time teaching new skills to American kids, you’d be well suited as a camp counsellor. All-rounders will love the chance of working with 10 children and guiding them through different activities, alongside a qualified instructor.

Got experience teaching or working with kids or young people? This is a great opportunity to develop those skills. Even if you don’t have the experience, we can help you get started on your journey and point you in the right direction.

Combine travel with amazing experiences as a camp counsellor. Want to share the experience with a friend? Apply together and you could be placed at the same camp.

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Types of summer camp jobs in the USA


General Camp Counselor

Great for all-rounders, this role is an essential part of every American summer camp. You’ll have oversight of the campers and aid them in their day-to-day activities at camp. You’ll teach them essential skills and build their confidence as you mentor them. Not sure you can do it? Don’t worry, we’ll give everyone plenty of training before the children even arrive.


Support Roles

Making a camp run smoothly takes a lot of time and effort, which is where summer camp support roles come in. Whether you’re handy with a screwdriver and want to work in maintenance, or you’re great with numbers and the finance team fits you - we work to find everyone their perfect role.


Specialty Camp Counselor

Many summer camps in the USA offer unique experiences. Some are focused on wildlife and adventure, while others may have carefully curated programs suited to children with special needs. While these roles might test you in different ways, these are often the most rewarding positions available. Interested? Then get in touch with the team and we can talk it over.

Why becoming a camp counsellor is right for you

Why becoming a camp counsellor could be just what you need

The truth is, everyone could benefit from becoming a camp counsellor. It’s never too early to think about what you want to do with the rest of your life, and many people find their calling after taking on some responsibility in a summer camp. By learning about leadership, management and how to teach people within a protected environment, you can learn valuable skills that will set you up for your entire career.

The question is simply what role is right for you, and that’s where our team comes in handy. We’ll find the role that works for you and your unique set of skills and passions. Then, it’s just a case of bringing the right attitude – and enough sun cream for your stay!

By arriving days before the campers, you’ll have plenty of time to bond with your fellow counsellors and explore the area. This gives you plenty of time to settle in before this unbelievable experience begins!

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    Why choose Wild Packs for your summer camp jobs in the USA?

    Wild Packs have over 15 years of experience matching camp counsellors with the camp of their dreams. That means that, instead of applying for hundreds of camps yourself, one application through us will get you seen by the camp that’s right for you! On top of that, all of our coaches have had multiple successful summers at camps across America. This means that we know exactly what you’re going through and can help you get the right placement, where you can turn your interests into employable skills.

    Not sold yet? Here are a few other reasons why you should be using Wild Packs to find your summer camp role:

    • No registration or interview fees
    • Work and travel with salaries starting from $2,000
    • Change kids’ lives
    • Learn new skills
    • Amazing career development
    • Travel across the USA
    • Visa, four-month medical insurance and support
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    Camp counsellors and the activity instructors will stay in the same bunks as the kids, giving you shared responsibility for their wellbeing. You’ll get the kids up in the morning, look after them at meal times, and help guide them through daily activities.

    Being a camp counsellor isn’t just fun, but it also allows you to build really important professional skills that will set you up for life. Whether it’s through learning hands-on or on-site training, you’ll learn how to communicate, adapt to difficult situations, resolve conflicts and much more. It goes without saying, but these will look hugely impressive on your CV once you’re done!

    Summer camps for special needs children often mean smaller numbers of campers and improved facilities to support all needs. If you are interested in working with special needs kids in America, let the team know and we can get a little more specific on the various types of camps available to you.

    Camp counsellors won’t just gain experience – they’ll earn a salary. Most cabin staff can expect to earn a minimum of $2,000 for the summer with no living costs, making the chance to travel, learn new skills, and make lifelong friendships even more appealing. So what are you waiting for?