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American Summer Camp Jobs

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Working at an American Summer Camp

With so many amazing summer camps across the North East of America, there are a huge number of different camps that are tailored to very specific interests and hobbies. These types of camps allow camp counsellors to follow their passions and pass those passions on to their campers.

Allowing you to become a counsellor for a camp that sparks your interests and passions is hugely important. This allows you to not only pass on that passion to your campers but also allows you to take delight in and make the most of such an amazing and unique experience.

Here at Wildpacks, we can help you apply for several different amazing camps across many different interests. So if you are looking for the summer of your life waking up in stunning locations and teaching the next generation, Wildpacks Summer Camps is the place for you.


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Your applications and interviews are totally free!

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What Summer Camp Jobs in the USA Can You Apply For?

Here at Wildpacks, we work with over 300 different amazing camps all across the North East of America. All of the camps that we work with are American Camp Association (ACA) approved but all have their own activities and traditions that make them truly special and unique.

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American Summer Camp Adventure Roles

Do you love the outdoors and are always looking for a sense of adventure? If so, these are the perfect camps for you.

Adventure camps are designed for thrill seekers and those people who are always looking for an outdoor adventure. Whether you love going on long hikes, working with animals, taking part in adrenaline-inducing activities or just love the outdoors there are many amazing Summer Camps that would love for you to offer a helping hand.

American Summer Camp Aquatic Roles

Do you love the water and want to experience some of the clearest waters and most stunning lakes that the United States of America has to offer?

With no formal qualifications needed, all you need is you, your swimmers, and a love for the water. These camps will allow you to pursue your passions while also installing these passions into your campers.

We work with several different waterfront summer camps across the North East of America that will have you waking up next to crystal-clear lakes every single day. If you love swimming, watersports, paddle boarding and everything else water-related, we have many amazing summer camp opportunities waiting for you.

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American Summer Camp Cabin Staff

Are you interested in meeting new people and Making New Friends? & are you excited about the opportunity to teach the next generation new life skills? Then the role of cabin staff is the perfect summer camp job for you.

As cabin staff you will not just be the camper’s counsellor, you will act as an older brother or an older sister to the campers. You will guide them through countless activities and teach them important life lessons and life skills while also making memories that will last forever.

If you already have experience working with young people, then the cabin staff positions at summer camp can help you to further develop your skills. However, if you do not have any experience, these cabin staff roles will teach you more than you can imagine and allow you to form bonds with your campers that you can cherish forever.

American Summer Camp Equestrian Roles

Do you have a love for horses and are looking to share that passion with like-minded youngsters? If so, then our equestrian camp counsellor jobs are perfect for you.

As an equestrian counsellor, you will have the opportunity to share your love for horse riding with campers who share the same passion. You will teach them to saddle up the horses, ride the horses, feed the horses, care for the horses, and so much more.

Many of our amazing summer camps are either small paddocks located in the middle of the stunning countryside, or indoor equestrian centres which can run over forty beautiful horses. We can assure you that you will truly be in your element. So if this sounds like a good way to spend your summer, we have many camps that would love your help.

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American Summer Camp Creative Art Roles

Do you have an eye for the arts? & love to let your creative juices flow? If so then we have a huge amount of creative arts summer camp jobs ready for you.

America is full of young individuals who have a passion for the performing arts. These amazing creative arts summer camp roles give you the unique opportunity to share your passion with these like-minded youngsters. You will guide them through different workshops and activities and allow them to express their passion in a safe environment.

If you love drama, music, theatre, or any other performing art and want to use that love to nurture young individuals with similar interests, you have come to the right place. We work with a multitude of different creative art camps that are always looking for passionate counsellors.

American Summer Camp Sports Roles

Do you have an extreme love for all things sports? & want to help the next generation of athletes and sports stars? If so, our summer camps sports roles are perfect for you.

Sports are not just a great way of keeping kids active. They also help to teach kids communication, teamwork, hard work and so much more. These sports summer camps will allow you to pursue your passion whilst also helping to develop and shape these youngsters as athletes.

During these camps, you will engage in sports such as soccer (football), baseball, golf, basketball and so much more. So if have a love for sports and are keen to pass on that fondness then we have a huge number of sports camps looking for counsellors.

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Amazing Summer Camp Jobs Across the Stunning North East of America

America has some of the most amazing summer camp jobs that not only give you the experience of a lifetime but also allow you to learn vital new skills in the process. If you are looking for camp leader roles, lifeguard roles, sports roles, support staff roles, or others, there is a huge amount of open roles across North East America waiting for you.

Whether you are after an amazing gap year experience, looking for full-time work over the summer or just looking for an adventure you will never forget, Wildpacks Summer Camps are perfect for you.

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What Qualifications Do I Need to Become A Camp Counsellor in America?

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a summer camp counsellor. You will receive all of the training you need fully included within the camp schedule. This training will teach you how to lead, how to teach, how to inspire and so much more that can be utilised in your counsellor role but also any role or career as you move on through life.

As long as you have a passion for helping others and for experiencing new things, summer camp counselling is perfect for you. You will get the chance to experience places you would never have even dreamt of visiting, you will make friendships that last a lifetime and most importantly you will help to teach your young campers life skills and life lessons that will stay with them forever.

What Visa Do I Need To Become A Camp Counsellor in America?

If you want to open up your horizon to the many American summer camp programs that we offer then you will need a J-1 visa from the US Embassy to enter the country. Every individual who is looking for a summer camp experience from the United Kingdom is required to have a J-1 visa which allows them to work in America for up to 4 months.

However, It can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months for your visa to be approved. Therefore, you should always consider wait times when applying for camp placements in America.

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What Are The Benefits of Becoming A USA Summer Camp Counsellor with Wildpacks?

If you are still undecided on whether or not summer camp counselling is for you, here is a list of benefits that make summer counselling so unique and amazing.

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Here at Wildpacks, we make becoming a summer camp counsellor extremely easy. All you need to do is follow our application process and we will take it from there. We have a relationship with a huge number of ACA-approved camps and will make sure to find the perfect summer camp counsellor role for you.

When choosing Wildpacks to help with your Summer Camp Counselling journey, you can expect to earn a minimum of $2000. Not only will you get the experience of a lifetime, but you will also be paid handsomely for your service at camp.

Yes, if you can get a J-1 Visa from the US embassy then you can work as a summer camp counsellor in America. Your J-1 Visa also allows you to have 30 days after you finish your summer role to travel across America and see the beauty that it has to offer.